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Popular Products

Low cost USB CAN Adapter picture

Lawicel CANUSB adapter for simple CANBUS connection to PC

Handheld Programmers
handheld programmers

Simple to load and use, standalone battery powered Handheld Programmers for AVR, PIC and Serial EEPROM

Keyfob Programmers
keyfob programmers

Low cost and simple, standalone Keyfob sized Programmers for AVR, PIC, ST7, COP8 and Serial EEPROM

USB Bluetooth Adapter
Sena SD1000U USB Bluetooth adapter picture

Sena USB to Bluetooth converter. With various antenna and battery options

Serial Device Server
Sena LS100 serial device server picture

Sena serial to Ethernet converter. Connect serial port products to your network

Wellon VP290 Programmer
Wellon Universal Programmer picture

Wellon low cost 40-pin programmer for serial EEPROM, PLD and memory plus some microcontrollers

FORTE ASIX Forte PIC Programmer
HPR3V3 PRESTO 3V3 Adapter
ISP2ZIF Universal ISP Board with ZIF Socket
OMEGA OMEGA Advanced Logic Analyser
PicoHook10 Pico Hooks for ASIX logic analyzers
PRESTO-89S PRESTO USB ISP for Atmel 89S Microcontrollers
PRESTO-M PRESTO USB Programmer for Memory
SIGMA2 SIGMA USB Logic Analyzer
UCAB232 Programmable USB to Serial Converter
UCAB232I Isolated USB Serial Adapter
AT16V8 Atmel 16V8 Flash PLD
AT89C2051 AT89C2051 Atmel Microcontroller
AT90S8515-25 AT90S8515 PLCC AVR Microcontrollers-25
ATMEGA128 ATmega128 AVR Microcontroller
ATMEGA128L AVR ATmega128L Microcontroller
ATMEGA16 Atmel AVR ATmega16 Microcontroller - DIP
ATMEGA162V Atmel AVR ATmega162L Microcontroller - DIP
ATMEGA2561V Atmel ATmega2561V AVR Microcontroller
ATMEGA32 Atmel AVR ATmega32 Microcontroller - DIP
ATMEGA64 Atmel ATmega64 AVR Microcontroller
ATMEGA8 Atmel AVR ATmega8 Microcontroller - DIP
ATMEGA8515 ATmega8515 AVR Microcontroller
ATMEGA8535 ATmega8535 AVR Microcontroller
ATTINY2313 ATtiny2313 AVR Microcontroller
ATTINY261 Atmel AVR ATtiny261 Microcontroller - DIP
EE-00 I2C Serial EEPROM 16 bytes
EE-01 Serial EEPROM 128 bytes
EE-02 Serial EEPROM 256 bytes
EE-08 Serial EEPROM 1024 bytes
EE-16 Serial EEPROM 2K bytes
EE-256 AT24C256 Serial EEPROM 32K bytes
CY7C68013A Cypress USB Peripheral Controller - 10 pack
QUSB2 Quick USB Module
QUSB2ICP Quick USB Electronic Chip Pack Licence
QUSB2ICP1 QuickUSB Electronic License
QUSB2INTRO Quick USB Module Introductory Bundle
QUSB2SK Quick USB Starter Kit
QUSBAB Quick USB Module Adapter Board
QUSBCP10 Quick USB 10 Chip Pack
QUSBMCK Quick USB Module Connector Kit
10DIL6 10-way to 6-way DIL Adapter
10FLEX6 10-way to 6 Flying lead adapter
10ISP1-27 AVR ISP 1.27mm
10ISP2-0 AVR ISP 2.0mm Adapter
10JTAG1-27 AVR JTAG 1.27mm Adapter
10JTAG2-0 AVR JTAG Adapter 2.0mm
10MICR6 10-way to 6-way Micromatch adapter
10PDI6 6-way PDI Adapter
10RJ11 10-way to RJ11 Adapter
10SIL5 10-5 way SIL Adapter
10SIL6 10-6way SIL Adapter
10SWD1-27 SWD Adapter 1.27mm
10SWD2-0 ARM Cortex Header 2.0mm
10SWD2-54 SWD Adapter 2.54mm
467200-pm 4 by 3 Keypad with 10-way header
570910-pm 16 by 2 Alphanumeric LCD Module
780305-PM 4 by 3 Keypad
ATDH1150USB-K Atmel CPLD ISP Cable
ATF15XX-DK3-U Atmel USB CPLD programmer and Development Kit
ATF15xxDK3-SAJ44 CPLD PLCC44 Adapter
AVR-BOOK AVR Microcontroller Book
AVR-HH-USB USB Dongle2 for AVR Handheld Programmer
AVR-TRAIN3 AVR Trainer with Atmel ICE
AVRHHP-JTAG JTAG Adapter for AVR Handheld Programmer
AVRISP Parallel Port AVR ISP Programmer
AVRISP-U USB AVR ISP In System Programmer
AVRUSB USB AVR Programmer with JTAG
AVRUSB-JTAG JTAG Adapter for AVRUSB Programmer
COPKF0010 COP8 Keyfob Programmer Starter Kit
COPKF0020 COP8 Keyfob Programmer
COPKF0030 COP8 Keyfob Programmer Multipack
COPKF0040 COP8 Keyfob Programmer Field Pack
CR10W0-5M 0.5 Metre 10-way ISP lead
CR10W1M 1 Metre 10-way ISP lead
CUSTOM Customer Connectors, adapters and add-ons
EE-BOARD EEPROM Programming Board
EE-BOARD-AT17 AT17 Programming Board
EE-HH-USB USB Dongle2 for Serial EEPROM Handheld Programmer
EEISP-U Serial EEPROM ISP Programmer
HH0110 Handheld AVR Programmer USB Starter Kit
HH0110EE USB Serial EEPROM Handheld Programmer Starter Kit
HH0110EE-P Serial EEPROM Handheld Programmer Starter Kit
HH0110X AVR-XMEGA Handheld Programmer Kit
HH0120 USB AVR Handheld Programmer
HH0120EE USB Handheld Serial EEPROM Programmer
HH0120X AVR XMEGA Handheld Programmer
HH0810 8-way USB AVR Handheld Kit
HH0810X 8-way USB XMEGA AVR Handheld Kit
HH0820 8-way USB AVR Handheld Programmer
HH0820X 8-Way AVR XMEGA Handheld Programmer
KANMEGDEV Mount for 64-pin TQFP AVR microcontrollers
KANMEGDEV1281V Mounted Atmel ATmega1281V AVR Microcontroller
KANMEGDEV2561 Mounted Atmel ATmega2561 AVR Microcontroller
KANMEGDEV256V Mounted Atmel ATmega2561V AVR Microcontroller
KANMEGDEV3 Mounted AVR ATmega128L Microcontroller
KANMEGDEV5 Mounted AVR ATmega128 Microcontroller
KANMEGDEV64 Mounted Atmel ATmega64 AVR Microcontroller
KF0010M AVR Keyfob Programmer Starter Kit
KF0010U AVR Keyfob Programmer USB Starter Kit
KF0020M AVR Keyfob Programmer
KF0020U USB AVR Keyfob Programmer
KF0030M AVR Keyfob Programmer Multipack
KF0030U AVR USB Keyfob programmers 5 Pack
KF0040M AVR Keyfob Programmer Field Service Pack
KF0040U AVR USB Keyfob Programmer Field Service Pack
MICRO-X-7SEG 7-segment display new kits
MICRO-X-BOARD PIC Development Board
MICRO-X-KEY MICRO-X 4 x 3 Keypad
MICRO-X-LCD Micro-X LCD Module
MICRO-X-PROTO1 Prototype board for MICRO-X
MICRO-X-PROTO2 Large MICRO-X Prototype Board
MICRO-X-UNIT6 PIC Training kit for Unit 6
PIC-HH-USB USB Dongle2 for Handheld PIC Programmer
PIC-HH0110 PIC Handheld Programmer USB Starter Kit
PIC-HH0120 USB Handheld PIC Programmer
PIC-HH0810 8-way PIC Handheld Programmer Starter Kit
PIC-HH081ATE 8-way ATE PIC Programmer Starter Kit
PIC-HH0820 USB 8-Way PIC Handheld Programmer
PIC-ICSP-RJ11 PIC ICSP to RJ11 Adapter
PIC-KF0030 Keyfob PIC Programmer Multipack
PIC-MICRO-X PIC Microcontroller Programming Kit
PIC-PP0110 Standalone Portable PIC Programmer
PIC-TRAIN-SNAP Economy PIC Training Kit
PIC-TRAIN4 PIC Microcontroller Training Kit
PP0110 Portable AVR Programmer
SAM-HH0110 SAM Handheld Programmer Starter Kit
SAM-HH0120 SAM Handheld Programmer
SAM-HH0810 SAM D-L 8-way Starter Kit
SAM-HH0820 SAMD-L 8-way Handheld Programmer
ST7ISP ST7 ISP In System Programmer
ST7KF0010 ST7 Keyfob Programmer Starter Kit
ST7KF0020 ST7 Keyfob Programmer
ST7KF0030 ST7 Keyfob Programmer Multipack
ST7KF0040 ST7 Keyfob Programmer Field Pack
ST7KND32 ST7 32-pin Evaluation Board
ST7KND4256 ST7 42/56-pin Evaluation Board
STK-JUMP Two Jumper Leads for Starter Kits
STK200-X New USB STK200 AVR Kit
STK200-X-ICE Atmel ICE Starter Kit
STK300 USB STK300 AVR Starter Kit
STK300-ICE STK300 ATmega128 AVR Starter Kit with AVR ICE
STK7SEG 7-Segment Display for Starter Kits
UPDI-12V UPDI 12V Adapter
CAN232 CAN232 RS232 CAN Adapter
STAVER24-M32 Atmel AVR STAVER Module - DIP
KB0013 Programming and Customising the AVR Microcontroller
MPLAB-SNAP MPLAB Snap Debugger/Programmer
PIC12C508A Microchip PIC12C508A Microcontroller
PIC12C509A Microchip PIC12C509A Microcontroller
PIC16F1789 PIC16F1789 Microcontroller
PIC16F628 Microchip PIC16F628 Microcontroller
PIC16F84A Microchip PIC16F84A Microcontroller
PIC16F870 Microchip PIC16F870 Microcontroller
PIC16F871 Microchip PIC16F871 Microcontroller
PIC16F873 Microchip PIC16F873 Microcontroller
PIC16F874 Microchip PIC16F874 Microcontroller
PIC16F887 Microchip PIC16F887 Microcontroller
PICKIT4 PICKIT4 Programmer
MPIC-B1 Programming Microchip PIC Microcontrollers Book
MPIC-B2 Basic Programming with Microchip PIC Microcontrollers Book
MPIC-B3 Projects for Microchip PIC Microcontrollers Book
AT22V10 Atmel 22V10 Flash PLD
BAT-HHP Batteries for Handheld Programmer
BAT-KF Batteries for Keyfob Programmers
NETCARD PC Network Card
NETLEAD Network lead
PARLEAD Parallel Lead 25-way Male to 25-way Male
PARLEAD2 Parallel Lead 25-way Male to 25-way Female
PCI-LPT PC PCI Bus LPT and Serial Port Card
PCLINK PC Datalink Cable
PIC18F4221 40-pin DIP PIC18F4221 Microcontroller
PSU135-EU 13V Power Supply EU
PSU135-UK 13V Wall Transformer UK
PSU135-US 13V Power Supply US
PSU15V-UNI 15V Power Supply - UNI
PSU9V-EU 9V Mains Adapter - EU
PSU9V-UK 9V UK Power Supply Unit
PSU9V-UNI 9V International Wall Transformer
SERLEAD Serial Expansion Cable
SOCKET-14 Low Cost DIP14 Sockets - 10 Pack
SOCKET-20 Low cost 20-pin DIL Sockets - 10 pack
SOCKET-28 Low Cost DIP28 Sockets - 10 Pack
SOCKET-28S Low Cost SDIP28 Sockets - 10 Pack
SOCKET-40 Low Cost DIP40 Sockets - 10 Pack
SOCKET-44 Low Cost PLCC44 Sockets - 5 Pack
SOCKET-8 Low Cost DIP8 Sockets - 10 Pack
STK200-RAM AVR STK200 Starter Kit Flash RAM set
TS-8DILS 4 Pack Female Socket 8 by 2
TW-8S 8-Way Programmer Switch
USBEXT Active USB Extension Cable
USBSER USB to Serial Converter Cable
QB-EP1-BOARD Altera Cyclone Development board
QB-USB-BLASTER USB Blaster Cable for Altera Devices
QB-USB-PLATFORM USB Platform for Programming Xilinx Devices
DAT-G01 Dipole Antenna, Left hand
DAT-G01R 3 dBi Dipole Antenna
DAT5-G01R 5 dBi Dipole Antenna
DPA-G01 Sena DC Power Cable
FM9GD-G01 Sena DB9 Gender Changer
G0200001 19 inch Rack Kit
OPA-G01 Sena Power Supply Unit
PARANI-1000A 7-Point Bluetooth Access Point
PARANI-1000B 14-Point Bluetooth Access Point
PARANI-1000C 28-Point Bluetooth Access Point for Ethernet
PARANI-BPC Battery Pack for PARANI-SD200
PARANI-BPC2 Standard Battery Pack for SD1000-Zigbee
PARANI-BPC3 Extended Battery Pack for SD1000-Zigbee
PARANI-ESD100 Embedded Bluetooth module -onboard antenna - class1
PARANI-ESD100-SK Parani Serial to Bluetooth Module - Class 1 Starter Kit
PARANI-ESD1000 V2.0 Bluetooth to serial module
PARANI-ESD1000-SK Starter Kit for ESD1000 V2.0 Bluetooth modules
PARANI-ESD110 Serial to Bluetooth Module - Class 1
PARANI-ESD110-SK Parani Starter Kit Bluetooth Module External Antenna - Class 1
PARANI-PSU Parani Serial to Bluetooth Power Supply
PARANI-SD1000 SD1000-01 Serial to Bluetooth Converter
PARANI-SD1000-00 SD1000-00 Serial to Bluetooth Converter
PARANI-SD1000-A1 SD1000-A1 Serial to Bluetooth Adapter
PARANI-SD1000-B10 SD1000-B1 Serial to Bluetooth Converter Bulk Pack
PARANI-SD1000U USB Bluetooth Adapter
PARANI-SD1100 SD1100 Bluetooth to RS422-485
PARANI-SD1100-00 SD1100-00 RS422-485 Bluetooth
PARANI-UD100-3 300m USB Bluetooth Adapter Blue Soleil
PAT-G01 Sena Patch Antenna, Left Hand
PAT-G01R Sena Patch Antenna for Bluetooth and ZigBee
RFC-G01 Parani Serial to Bluetooth Embedded Module Antenna Cable
RFC-G01R Sena 1M Extension Cable
SAT-G01R Sena 1dBi Stub Antenna SMA RH
SEC-G01R 15cm Antenna cable with SMA RH thread
SENA-PSU Sena Device Server PSU
SLR-G01 Sena Left to Right SMA Adapter
UPA-G01 Serial to Bluetooth Converter USB Power Lead
ZE10-STK Starter Kit for ProBee Embedded Zigbee Modules
ZE10C-00 ProBee Embedded Zigbee Module-chip antenna
ZE10S-00 ProBee Embedded Zigbee Module with SMA
ZE20-SDC ZigBee Module With Chip Antenna
ZE20-SDS ZE20 ZigBee Module with SMA
ZE20-SK01 ZigBee Module Starter Kit
ARM-DEBUGGER ARM Programmer Debugger
FPGA-PACKAGE-A FPGA Accessories Package A
FPGA-PACKAGE-B FPGA Accessories Package B
FPGA-TRAIN2 Altera FPGA Training Kit
HDMI-10INCH 10 inch HDMI Touch Screen
HDMI-5INCH 5 Inch HDMI Touch Screen
HDMI-5INCH-B 5 inch HDMI Touch Screen B
HDMI-7INCH 7 inch HDMI screen
SPI-3-5INCH Waveshare 3.5 inch Touch LCD
W-ACCESS-SHIELD Accessory Shield for Arduino Development,
W-ANL-SHIELD Arduino Analog Shield
W-BLUETOOTH-S Waveshare Bluetooth Slave Module
W-CORE51822 W-CORE51822 Bluetooth Module
W-EXP-SHIELD Arduino IO Expansion Shield
W-LS100 Serial Device Server
W-MTC-SHIELD Arduino Motor Control Shield
W-NRF51822-KIT Bluetooth NRF51822 Development Kit
W-SENSORS 13 Mixed Sensors
W-UNO-SENSOR Arduino Experimenters Kit
W-USB232-485 USB to RS232, TTL and RS485 Converter
MFP-2011 Unlimited Smart Card Programmer and Reader
SC-GOLD Gold Smart Cards PIC16F84
SC-YELLOW Yellow Smart Cards - ATmega8515
SLE5542-5 SLE5542 Secure Smart Card 5 Pack
AUTO300 Wellon Automotive Programmer
ISP200 Wellon Universal ISP
VP-299 Wellon VP-299 Universal Programmer
VP-299M Serial EEPROM Programmer
VP-398S Wellon VP-398S 48 Pin Programmer
VP-598 VP-598 Universal Programmer
VP-798 Wellon VP-798 Universal Programmer
VP-998 Wellon VP-998 Universal Programmer
WL-DFN8-U101 8-pin QFN Adapter
WL-EBGA64 Wellon BGA64 Socket Adapter
WL-EBGA64-E145-1 Wellon BGA64-E145 Adapter
WL-EBGA64-E145-2 WL-EBGA64-E145-2 Adapter
WL-PL20-U1 Wellon Universal Programmer PLCC20 Socket Adapter
WL-PL28-M370 Wellon WL-PL28-M370 Socket Converter
WL-PL28-U1 Wellon Universal Programmer PLCC28 Socket Adapter
WL-PL32-U1 Wellon Universal Programmer PLCC32 Socket Adapter
WL-PL44-M370 Wellon WL-PL44-M370 Socket Converter
WL-PL44-P4 Wellon Universal Programmer PLCC44 Socket Adapter
WL-PL44-U1 Wellon Universal Programmer PLCC44 Socket Adapter
WL-PL52-M253 Wellon WL-PL52-M253 Socket Converter
WL-PL52-M257 Wellon WL-PL52-M257 Socket Converter
WL-PQFP80-M402 Wellon PQFP80-M402 Socket Converter
WL-PQFP80-M403 Wellon PQFP80-M403 Socket Converter
WL-PQFP80-M430 Wellon PQFP80-M430 Socket Converter
WL-PQFP80-M431 Wellon PQFP80-M431 Socket Converter
WL-PQFP80-M432 Wellon PQFP80-M432 Socket Converter
WL-PQFP80-M436 Wellon PQFP80-M436 Socket Converter
WL-PQFP80-M459 Wellon PQFP80-M459 Socket Converter
WL-PQFP80-M460 Wellon PQFP80-M460 Socket Converter
WL-QFP44-U002 Wellon QFP44 Socket Adapter
WL-QFP64-M234 Wellon QFP64-M234 Socket Converter
WL-QFP64-M256 Wellon QFP64-M256 Socket Converter
WL-SOIC28-U1 Wellon Universal Programmer SOIC28 Socket Adapter
WL-SOP16-U1 Wellon Universal Programmer SOP16 Socket Adapter
WL-SOP20-U1 Wellon Universal Programmer SOP20 Socket Adapter
WL-SOP28-U1 Wellon Universal Programmer SOP28 Socket Adapter
WL-SOP40-U1 Wellon Universal Programmer SOP40 Socket Adapter
WL-SOP44-U1 Wellon Universal Programmer SOP44 Socket Adapter
WL-SOT6-U1 Wellon Universal Programmer SOT6 Socket Adapter
WL-SSOP28-U1 Wellon Universal Programmer SSOP28 Socket Adapter
WL-SSOP34-U1 Wellon Universal Programmer SSOP34 Socket Adapter
WL-TQFP144-M433 Wellon TQFP144-M433 Socket Converter
WL-TQFP144-M435 Wellon TQFP144-M435 Socket Converter
WL-TQFP44-U001 Wellon Universal Programmer TQFP44 Socket Adapter
WL-TQFP64-103 Wellon Universal Programmer TQFP64 Socket Adapter
WL-TQFP64-6585 TQFP64 Adapter for Microchip PIC Microcontrollers
WL-TSOP28-T Wellon Universal Programmer TSOP28 Socket Adapter
WL-TSOP28-U1 Wellon Universal Programmer STM TSOP28 Socket Adapter
WL-TSOP32-U2 Wellon Universal Programmer TSOP32 Socket Adapter
WL-TSOP48-U1 Wellon Universal Programmer TSOP48 Socket Adapter
WL-TSOP48-U2 Wellon Socket Adapter for TSOP48 Packages
1GB-FLASH Compact Flash Card for Super Pro Programmer
256MB-FLASH4 4 Compact Flash Cards for Super Pro Programmer
SP-ISP01 SuperPro IS01 Universal ISP Programmer
SP-ISP03 Universal Gang ISP Programmer
SP6100 Xeltek SP6100N USB2.0 Universal Standalone Programmer
SP6104GP Xeltek SuperPro 144-pin Gang Programmer
SP610P Xeltek SuperPro 610P USB Programmer
SP7000 Ultra High Speed Universal Programmer
SP7100 SuperPro 7100 Advanced Gang Programmer
X-ISPHeader01 ISP header for Super Pro Programmer
X-S414T Xeltec Universal PLCC68 Adapter
X-SA001A Xeltec Universal PLCC20 Adapter
X-SA008A Xeltec Universal PLCC28 Adapter
X-SA015A1T Xeltec Universal PLCC32 Adapter
X-SA026 Xeltek Universal TSOP24 Adapter
X-SA244 Xeltec Universal PLCC44 Adapter
X-SA245A Xeltec Universal QFP44 Adapter
X-SA247 Xeltek Universal TSOP48 Adapter
X-SA404 Xeltec Universal SOIC28 Adapter
X-SA409T Xeltec Universal TSOP40 Adapter
X-SA602 Xeltec Universal SOIC16 Adapter
X-SA602A Xeltec Universal SOIC8 Adapter
X-SA605B Xeltec Universal SOIC20 Adapter
X-SA628-B011 Xeltec Device Specific TSOP56 Adapter
X-SA638 Xeltec Universal SOP44 Adapter
Chips ICs and Modules
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PC Interfaces
Starter Kits
Training and Books
Debugging-Emulation/Emulators/AVR ICE
Debugging-Emulation/Emulators/PIC Emulators
Programmers-Burners/Device Programmers
Programmers-Burners/Gang Programmers
Programmers-Burners/Hand Held Programmers
Programmers-Burners/In System Programmers (ISP)
Programmers-Burners/Keyfob Mini Programmers
Programmers-Burners/Universal Programmers
Programmers-Burners/Universal Programmers/Wellon Programmers
Programmers-Burners/Universal Programmers/Xeltek Programmers
Programmers-Burners/In System Programmers (ISP)/AT89S ISP Programmers
Programmers-Burners/In System Programmers (ISP)/AVR ISP Programmers
Programmers-Burners/In System Programmers (ISP)/COP8 ISP Programmers
Programmers-Burners/In System Programmers (ISP)/CPLD Programmers
Programmers-Burners/In System Programmers (ISP)/PIC Programmer ICSP
Programmers-Burners/In System Programmers (ISP)/Serial EEPROM Programmers
Programmers-Burners/In System Programmers (ISP)/ST7 ISP Programmers
Programmers-Burners/In System Programmers (ISP)/Universal ISP
Chips ICs and Modules/Atmel AVR 89S and PLD
Chips ICs and Modules/DIL NetPC
Chips ICs and Modules/Internet Ethernet Modules
Chips ICs and Modules/PIC Microcontrollers
Chips ICs and Modules/Serial EEPROM
Chips ICs and Modules/Smart Cards
Chips ICs and Modules/USB Modules
Chips ICs and Modules/Wireless Modules
Chips ICs and Modules/Atmel AVR 89S and PLD/AT89S
Chips ICs and Modules/Atmel AVR 89S and PLD/AVR Microcontrollers
Chips ICs and Modules/Atmel AVR 89S and PLD/PLD
Starter Kits/Arduino
Starter Kits/AVR Starter Kits
Starter Kits/AVR XMEGA Starter Kits
Starter Kits/DIL NetPC Starter Kits
Starter Kits/Ethernet Starter Kits
Starter Kits/FPGA Starter kits
Starter Kits/PIC Starter Kits
Starter Kits/PLD Starter Kits
Starter Kits/ST7 Starter Kit
Starter Kits/Starter Kit Accessories
Starter Kits/Wireless Starter Kits
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PC Interfaces/CAN Interfaces
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PC Interfaces/USB Interfaces
PC Interfaces/Waveshare LCD
PC Interfaces/Zigbee Wireless Networks
Training and Books/AVR Training
Training and Books/Books
Training and Books/FPGA Training
Training and Books/Microcontroller Programming
Training and Books/PIC Training
Training and Books/PLD Training
Training and Books/Target-Evaluation Boards
Chips ICs and Modules/Internet Ethernet Modules/Ethernet to Serial
PC Interfaces/Terminal Servers/Application Specific
PC Interfaces/Terminal Servers/Ethernet Accessories
PC Interfaces/Terminal Servers/Multi Port Terminal Servers
PC Interfaces/Terminal Servers/Single Port Terminal Servers
Debugging-Emulation/Logic Analysers
Programmers-Burners/Keyfob Mini Programmers/Keyfob AT89S Programmers
Programmers-Burners/Keyfob Mini Programmers/Keyfob AVR Programmers
Programmers-Burners/Keyfob Mini Programmers/Keyfob COP8 Programmers
Programmers-Burners/Keyfob Mini Programmers/Keyfob PIC Programmers
Programmers-Burners/Keyfob Mini Programmers/Keyfob ST7 Programmers
Programmers-Burners/Device Programmers/AVR Socket Programmers
Programmers-Burners/Device Programmers/FPGA Programmers
Programmers-Burners/Device Programmers/Memory Programmers
Programmers-Burners/Device Programmers/Serial EEPROM Programmers
Programmers-Burners/Device Programmers/Smart Card Programmers
Programmers-Burners/Device Programmers/Socket PIC Programmers
Programmers-Burners/Hand Held Programmers/Adapters Connectors
Programmers-Burners/Hand Held Programmers/AVR PLUS XMEGA Handheld
Programmers-Burners/Hand Held Programmers/Handheld AVR Programmers
Programmers-Burners/Hand Held Programmers/Handheld Serial EEPROM
Programmers-Burners/Hand Held Programmers/PIC Handheld Programmers
Programmers-Burners/Hand Held Programmers/SAM D-L Handheld
PC Interfaces/Bluetooth Wireless/Accessories
Starter Kits/Wireless Starter Kits/Bluetooth Starter Kits
Starter Kits/Wireless Starter Kits/Zigbee Starter Kits
Chips ICs and Modules/Wireless Modules/AVR Wireless
Chips ICs and Modules/Wireless Modules/Bluetooth Wireless Modules
Chips ICs and Modules/Wireless Modules/Waveshare Bluetooth
Chips ICs and Modules/Wireless Modules/WiFi Modules
Chips ICs and Modules/Wireless Modules/Zigbee Modules
Programmers-Burners/Universal Programmers/Wellon Programmers/Automotive Programmers
Programmers-Burners/Universal Programmers/Wellon Programmers/Wellon Adapters
Programmers-Burners/Universal Programmers/Xeltek Programmers/Xeltek Adapters
Programmers-Burners/Universal Programmers/Xeltek Programmers/Xeltek Legacy
Starter Kits/Arduino/Arduino Sensors
AVR Microcontroller Starter Kit Relaunched
Get Going with Zigbee wireless modules
Add Bluetooth connectivity to your product
Smart USB to Serial Cable
A new opportunity to learn about microcontrollers
Now use your 802.11 WiFi to connect to RS232 Serial Ports
How do you make your AVR programmer four times faster?
See the difference with this FPGA trainer
Why doesn't everyone fit these features to their Serial to Ethernet Converters?
Adding fast USB 2.0 to new or existing products or equipment
New solution for updating equipment and products in the field
Remote Industrial Control and monitoring over a network
Handheld Programmer with just One Button
Free AVR ISP Microcontroller Programmer Software
Handheld Programmer for PIC and AVR Updated
Kanda now selling SuperPro Programmers
8-Way Handheld PIC Programmer for PIC Microcontrollers
Cloud Computing for Embedded Systems
Portable PIC Programmer Gives You the Power
Get Your SuperPro 6000 Series Programmers From Kanda
AVR Dragon with a Difference
Learning PIC the Kanda Way
Try the Best AVR Programming Solution
Kanda Launch New Microcontroller Programming Kit
Kanda Handheld Programmers Now Support ATxmega Microcontrollers
Kanda AVR Handheld Programmers Now Support TPI

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