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Wellon VP Universal Programmer Range

Kanda are authorized worldwide distributors for Wellon universal programmers

Popular Products

Low Cost VP-299
Wellon VP-299 programmer

Ideal for serial EEPROMs, smaller memory and some microcontrollers and PLDs

Wellon Programmers

Wellon Universal Programmer range for programming N/CMOS EPROM,EEPROM, EPROM/EEPROM, and FLASH Memory plus Programmable Logic, such as CPLD, EPLD, GAL, PEEL, PALCE and more.

Many microcontrollers can be programmed,including Atmel AT87, AT89, ATmega and ATtiny devices, Intel, Microchip PIC and dsPIC, Signetics, Zilog and others.

These programmers are a cost effective solution for all applications, incliding garages, repair shops and R and D.

Wellon Programmers

Wellon VP-299 Universal Programmer

Supported Devices: 15505

Device List (HTML)

40-pin ZIF socket. USB2.0. A mixture of most serial EEPROM memory, PLDs and some microcontrollers

Wellon VP-598 Universal Programmer

Supported Devices: 22204

Device List (HTML)

48-pin ZIF Socket. USB2.0. A wide range of microcontrollers, including AVR and PIC, memory, PLD and CPLD.

Wellon VP-798 Universal Programmer

Supported Devices: 36610

Device List (HTML)

48-pin ZIF Socket. USB2.0. A wide range of microcontrollers including PIC, dsPIC, AVR, memory, PLD, CPLD.

Wellon VP-998 Universal Programmer

Supported Devices: 97,608

Device List (HTML)

48-pin ZIF Socket. USB2.0. A very wide range of microcontrollers, memory, PLD, CPLD. Includes ISP

Wellon GP-10 Universal Programmer

Supported Devices: 39511

Device List (HTML)

Includes Standalone mode. USB2.0. A wide range of microcontrollers, memory, PLD, CPLD. Includes ISP

Wellon VP-398S Universal Programmer

Supported Devices: 78175

Device List (HTML)

48-pin programmer for memory, especially serial EEPROM

Socket Adapters

A wide range of socket adapters are available, for devices in all sorts of packages including SOIC, SOP, SSOP, SOT, BGA, TSOP, PLCC, QFN, PSOP and TQFP, from 6 to 208 pins. Here are some of the most popular ones.

The most popular socket converters are listed on the shop Wellon Socket Converters

but many more adapters are available. Larger adapters, with more than 48-pins, tend to be more device specific. So, consult the device support lists for the programmer you are interested in. The device support list gives adapter part numbers.

If the socket you need is not on the shop, please email support with device and package type required and we will give you a quote.

Legacy Programmers

The programmers above replace all older Wellon programmers
  • VP-299 replaces VP-290, VP-190 and VP-280
  • VP-598 replaces VP-590 and VP-596
  • VP-398 replaces VP-480 and VP-390
  • VP-998 replaces VP-880, VP-980 and VP-990
  • VP-798 replaces VP-790
  • VP-PIC1 has no direct replacement

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