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All the Electronic Tools You Need

Programmers, Chips, Boards, Development Kits, Bluetooth Serial Adapters and more with great technical support.

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NEW Handheld Phone App
Load Handheld Programmers from your smart phone with this new Android App

Why Buy From Kanda?

  • World Wide Shipping
  • Technical Support
  • ISP Experts
  • Wide Programmer range
  • Simple Returns Policy
  • 1 Year Guarantees
  • Secure Easy Payment
  • Friendly Helpful Service
  • Large Product Range
  • Manufacturers
  • Distributors


"You great support helped me choose the right programmer"

I was surprised how fast delivery was, thank you"

"Thank you, you have made this an enjoyable project to work on"

"Thank you very much for your skilled help!!"

"UD100 has the Bluetooth wireless range I need"

"Custom update for me in 3 days, awesome!"

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Embedded Results Ltd has closed. Kanda.com is continuing as a new trading entity and cannot accept card payments at the moment but are shipping products. Payment by bank transfer or Paypal.

Kanda News
Embedded Results Ltd has closed. Kanda.com is continuing as a new organisation. We can ship products. We cannot accept card payments at the moment, only Paypal and Bank Transfer.

Kanda.com Products

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handheld AVR UPDI PIC programmer picture
ISP programmers - PIC ICSP, AVR ISP, st7 isp, UPDI
sena sd1000 bluetooth serial adapter
Wellon universal programmers
Kanda keyfob programmer
QuickUSB QUSB2 Module
PE Micro Cyclone standalone programmer
PE Micro Multilink Debug Probe

Popular Kanda Blog Posts

AVR UPDI Programmer Guide

Guide to selecting an AVR UPDI programmer, including UPDI header, UPDI pinout and what programmers support UPDI programming.

Kanda AVR UPDI programmer  picture

AVR UPDI Programmer Guide

AVR TPI Programmer Review

Why your AVR programmer should also be a TPI programmer, includes TPI header, TPI pinout and what programmers support TPI programming.

Kanda AVR TPI programmer  picture

AVR TPI Programmer Guide

Use Kanda standalone handheld programmers for ATE

How to use Kanda standalone programmer for ATE? For Labview, our handheld programmer provides a simpler solution.

Kanda programmer for ATE picture

Kanda programmer for ATE

Move from Atmel Studio to MPLAB X IDE
Microchip took over Atmel some years ago and are slowly eliminating the Atmel brand. One of the major legacies from Atmel is their Atmel Studio AVR development environment but its days may be numbered. Move from Atmel Studio to MPLAB X for AVR Development

PIC Microcontroller In System Programming Explained
All modern PIC microcontrollers can be programmed in system but what connector type should you use? What circuit layout? Things to avoid? Why you need ICSP, what PIC microcontroller programmer do you need, all PIC programmer needs explained here... PIC ICSP Explained

STK200, STK500 and Arduino Compared
What is the difference between Arduino, STK200 and STK600 AVR Development kits? What are Arduino alternatives? What is Arduino? ... STK200, STK600 and Arduino Compared

What is CAN bus and CANbus USB interface?
What is CAN bus and how to use it plus USB to Can bus interfaces, CANUSB Adapter, for debugging and connection to PC... All about CAN and USB and CANUSB Adapters

Copying Serial EEPROMs
Guide to Serial EEPROMs and how to copy them easily. Copying Serial EEPROMs

Select the Right AVR Programmer - AVR ISP
Guide to selecting the correct AVR Programmer for your requirements Select the Right AVR UPDI Programmer or AVR ISP

Here at Kanda, we supply the best tools for electronic engineers and trainers. Our microcontroller programmer range includes AVR ISP, AVR ICE, AVR programmer (including ATtiny programmer, ATmega328 programmer,AVR TPI programmer, AVR UPDI programmer plus all other AVR microcontrollers), ATxmega programmer, universal programmer, Cyclone programmer, PIC programmer, handheld programmer, standalone programmer, Smart Card programmer, AVR microcontroller and PIC microcontrollers, battery powered mobile programmers and PLD programmer.

Other Kanda product ranges include CANUSB adapter, Bluetooth serial adapter, USB Bluetooth wireless, serial device severs, LCD modules, camera modules, Quick USB adapters, ARM and NXP microcontroller debuggers and other related electronics tools.

Kanda have always been strong in microcontroller training and offer a lot of training products that are an Arduino alternative. We supply PIC development kits and PIC boards, based on MPLAB PICKit 4 or MPLAB SNAP, which feature tutorials and full sample code examples, that are ideal for beginers. Our AVR development and training kits, such as STK200 and STK300 also include full training plus AVR ICE and AVR ISP. All our microcontroller development kits have a comprehensive microcontroller board.

Kanda is known all over the world and we have customers in most countries, who will confirm that we provide a fast, cost effective and reliable online shopping service. Good products, fast delivery and excellent technical support means that most customers become repeat clients, as we make sure you're happy when you shop with us.

Kanda tools are reliable and long lasting and our customers still have programmers and other equipment working after 15 years of service - that's quality. Free software updates keep your programmers up to date. Kanda also carry out custom design and modification for our clients to give you the product you need. Can do with Kanda!

Our main product ranges are microcontroller programmers, training kits, device servers, Bluetooth wireless adapters, chips and modules.


  • AVR programmer
  • AVR UPDI programmer
  • PIC programmer
  • Handheld programmer
  • Universal Programmer
  • Portable programmer
  • AVR TPI programmer
  • Atmel CPLD programmer
  • ST7 programmer
  • Wellon programmer
  • Cyclone NXP and ARM programmer

Learning Microcontrollers

  • FPGA Trainer
  • PLD Trainer
  • CPLD trainer
  • PIC development kit
  • AVR boards
  • AVR Development
  • STK200 and STK300 AVR board and training kits
  • Microcontroller board range

Bluetooth Wireless and More

  • Bluetooth USB adapters
  • Bluetooth Wireless adapters
  • Bluetooth Serial adapters
  • Serial Ethernet Converters
  • CANUSB adapters
  • Quick USB Modules
  • Smart Card Programmer
  • Multilink ARM and NXP debuggers
  • Waveshare camera and LCD modules

Kanda manufacturer our own brand of microcontroller programmers for PIC, ST7, COP8, SAMD and AVR microcontrollers, including AVR ISP, AVR UPDI, PIC ICSP, handheld programmers, battery powered mobile units, standalone programmers and portable programmers. We also build our own range of training and starter kits for PIC and AVR. As well as our own Kanda equipment, we supply products from selected manufacturers such as Sena, Asix, Xeltek, Wellon, Lawicel, Waveshare, PE Micro and QuickUSB to complement our own products.

Whatever your budget, or whatever you are looking for, make Kanda your first choice for everything from AVR Development Kits, AVR ICE, STK200, AVR ISP, smart card programmers, Wireless Modules, AVR Programmer, UPDI programmer, standalone programmer, PIC Programmer, Universal Programmers, Serial Device Servers and CANUSB adapters for connecting CAN bus equipment to PC.

If you have any questions or need advice on how to do your particular job or the best tools for the task, then please contact us for friendly efficient technical support. All our products have 12 months warranty and we will help fix any issues you may encounter. Kanda, you can rely on us

We are experts at device programming, in system programming, AVR and PIC based microcontroller programming and other microelectronics topics. We have a range of guides about many of electronics topics, which are listed below. We also have a blog where we give advice and information on C code, progamming file formats, ISP circuits, development tools, microcontrollers for beginners, learning microcontrollers and much more.

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