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Custom ISP and ATE Connectors for Programmers

Kanda programmers try and use manufacturer recommended ISP connector layouts, but often these are not defined properly or keep changing. Some customers also require company specific connectors, or need information to integrate programmers into ATE systems, which we can supply.

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Handheld Programmers
handheld programmers

Simple to load and use, standalone battery powered Handheld Programmers for AVR, PIC and Serial EEPROM

Standard ISP Adapters

Kanda produce a range of standard connectors that convert our programmers to different ISP header layouts and some of these are shown below. The full range is shown in Adapters Category.

As well as standard 2.54mm (0.1") connectors, we also supply 1.27mm (0.05") and 2.0mm adapters for AVR ISP and JTAG and ARM SWD interface.

10dil6 picture
10 to 6 way AVR Header

10micro 6
10 to 6 way AVR Micromatch Header

10 flex 6 picture
10 to 6 way Flying Leads

AVR JTAG Adapter
jtag adapter handheld picture
PIC RJ11 Adapter
10 to RJ11 picture
PIC 5-way SIL Adapter
10 to SIL5 picture
PIC 6-way SIL Adapter
10 to SIL6 picture
AVR 1.27mm Adapter
10 1.27mm picture
AVR 2.0mm Adapter
10 2.0mm picture
ATxmega PDI 6-way Adapter
10 to 6-way ATxmega PDI picture
SWD Adapter 1.27mm
10 to SAM SWD 1.27mm pitch adapter picture
AVR JTAG 1.27mm Adapter
10 to AVR and ATxmega JTAG 1.27mm pitch adapter picture

Custom ISP Connectors

In addition to these standard adapters for our programmers, we have produced a number of custom connectors to customer specifications. These include
  • Edge connectors
  • 5 and 6-way housings for PIC programmers
  • Connectors with long pins
  • 1.27mm (50mil or 0.05") pitch connectors eg Cortex Debug Header for ARM

custom ICSP connectors

If you need a non-standard connector then please contact support and we will be pleased to help you.

ATE Interface

Our handheld programmers can be intergrated into an ATE (Automated Test Equipment) system. The signals for program start, pass and fail and, on 8-way programmers, the slot selection can be brought out on a 3x2 header lead for connection to your ATE. Please contact support if you need this service.
Automated Test Equipment ATE picture

DLL and Command line Interface

Our PC based AVRUSB programmer can be used with a free DLL, using standard ISP or JTAG programming. It is supplied with a commandline version and all the headers and examples to integrate it into Delphi, C++, VB or Labview.

AVRUSB AVR Programmer picture

Handheld Programmer Simple Loader

Once you have loaded the programmer, all the details can be saved to a file. This file can be used to load other programmers. There is a command line loader that can be used to simplify the loading process, using this syntax:

For PIC: PICHHP.exe Load "C:\Test Files\test1.prg"
For AVR: avrHHP.exe Load "C:\Test Files\test1.prg"

As long as a Kanda USB dongle is available, anyone can load the handheld programmer using this simple loader.

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