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Kanda - Newsletters, Twitter and Press Releases

Kanda News Page includes our Twitter feed, Facebook page, Newsletters and Press Releases. For new software versions, please see Support menu above.

Kanda Facebook and Twitter Feeds

Kanda Press Releases

To read a press release click on the 'read press release' image:

Kanda AVR Handheld Programmers Now Support TPI

Kanda AVR Handheld Programmers Now Support TPI programming interface for ATtiny AVR Microcontrollers. This new programming interface is only used on a subset of AVR devices. Kanda are currently working on the latest UPDI programming interface, which seems to be Microchip's preferred programming method for new AVR devices, currently for ATtiny series but soon for ATmega as well.Read the press release 'Kanda AVR Handheld Programmers Now Support TPI'

15 March 2019
Kanda Handheld Programmers Now Support ATxmega Microcontrollers

Kanda handheld programmers are ideal for production use and for field firmware updates because they are so easy to use. Just one button programs the target. As well as Microchip PIC and Atmel AVR microcontrollers, they now support Atmel ATxmega family.Read the press release 'Kanda Handheld Programmers Now Support ATxmega Microcontrollers'

19 October 2016
Kanda Launch New Microcontroller Programming Kit

The new Kanda MICRO--X microcontroller programming kit is for anybody who wants to learn microcontroller programming or who teaches it. Its unique blend of modular hardware, software and tutorials makes learning easy. Microcontrollers are the key to modern electronics so why not grab this opportunity to learn how to use them?Read the press release 'Kanda Launch New Microcontroller Programming Kit'

27 September 2016
Try the Best AVR Programming Solution

Most AVR programmers are designed for product development but production and maintenance engineers need different solutions. Kanda programmers have all the features needed for efficient manufacturing and field updates of products using AVR microcontrollers. Read the press release 'Try the Best AVR Programming Solution'

13 August 2013
Learning PIC the Kanda Way

Kanda have added a new PIC Kit to their training range. This PIC Kit supports PIC16F and PIC18F devices, and includes a programmer/debugger and a development board for 8,14,20, 28 and 40-pin PIC microcontrollers. Learn PIC programming using the included book, sample code, MPLAB and full documentation, including Assembler and C programming.Read the press release 'Learning PIC the Kanda Way'

16 February 2012
AVR Dragon with a Difference

Kanda have taken the AVR Dragon programmer and emulator and created enhanced AVR development kits. As well as all necessary cables and instructions, AVR development board, books, software and sample code are all included in the package.Read the press release 'AVR Dragon with a Difference'

02 June 2011
Portable PIC Programmer Gives You the Power

Kanda have added a new portable PIC microcontroller programmer to their handheld programmer range. This new programmers can store up to 32 different programs with different PIC microcontrollers and it has a LCD and simple keypad to make program selection easy. Once loaded from PC, they are completely portable and include a battery charger.Read the press release 'Portable PIC Programmer Gives You the Power'

13 May 2011
Kanda now selling SuperPro Programmers

Kanda and Xeltek have signed a distribution agreement so Kanda will be distributing SuperPro ® programmers from October, 2008. This programmer range has tools that are ideal for both development and production engineers, as they support over 45,000 devices.Read the press release 'Kanda now selling SuperPro Programmers'

17 October 2008
Handheld Programmer for PIC and AVR Updated

Kanda have added a USB interface for loading this range of extremely simple handheld programmers. These programmers can power a target circuit and use a single button press to make programming as easy as possible, without needing a computer or even a power supply.Read the press release 'Handheld Programmer for PIC and AVR Updated'

14 May 2008
AVR Microcontroller Starter Kit Relaunched

The extremely popular STK200 AVR Microcontroller Starter Kit from Kanda.com has been relaunched with a new AVR USB programmer and USB AVR DRAGON Emulator. These USB tools are also available separately for existing users - 50,000 - to upgrade.Read the press release 'AVR Microcontroller Starter Kit Relaunched'

24 September 2007
Get Going with Zigbee wireless modules

A new Zigbee starter kit from Kanda.com is a complete hardware and software package that makes it easy to get started with Zigbee networks. Zigbee is ideal for home automation or industrial control applications.Read the press release 'Get Going with Zigbee wireless modules'

28 August 2007
Add Bluetooth connectivity to your product

Embedded class1 and class 2 Bluetooth wireless modules that quickly change your serial communications to Bluetooth wireless. The modules have a low pin count, easy configuration and a small profile. Read the press release 'Add Bluetooth connectivity to your product'

19 May 2006
Smart USB to Serial Cable

Finally, a USB to Serial cable which has been created for engineers not hobbyist. This UCAB232 cable allows the USB and Serial communications to be controlled by the user. This makes it a more flexible solution for engineers than the standard, off the shelf cables generally available.
Read the press release 'Smart USB to Serial Cable'

31 January 2006
See the difference with this FPGA trainer

A training and development system for Altera Cyclone II FPGA devices that includes everything you need to teach, learn or just develop embedded designs with FPGA Devices.
For product information click here.Read the press release 'See the difference with this FPGA trainer'

19 August 2005
Why doesn't everyone fit these features to their Serial to Ethernet Converters?

The new Pro Series Serial to Ethernet converter units from Sena are better than anything else on the market. The serial ports, Ethernet network interface and control and management are amazingly sophisticated for their price range.Read the press release 'Why doesn't everyone fit these features to their Serial to Ethernet Converters?'

08 August 2005
Adding fast USB 2.0 to new or existing products or equipment

USB 1.1 is useful for basic communications but for really fast data transfer you need USB 2.0. QuickUSB® modules make it easy to add USB 2.0 to your product with no hassle. They have High Speed Parallel, Serial, SPI and General I/O Ports instantly available in hardware and software over USB 2.0.
For more information on QuickUSB ModulesRead the press release 'Adding fast USB 2.0 to new or existing products or equipment'

11 July 2005
Handheld Programmer with just One Button

Kanda have added a PIC microcontroller version to this range of extremely simple handheld programmers. These programmers can power a target circuit and use a single button press to make programming as easy as possible, without needing a computer or even a power supply.Read the press release 'Handheld Programmer with just One Button'

26 April 2005
New solution for updating equipment and products in the field

Kanda have produced a new miniature programmer in a key fob case that is small, easy to use and portable. It allows firmware upgrades to be carried out by unskilled staff and helps to eliminate operator errors. It can be used in all industries to reduce the cost and hassle of equipment updates. Read the press release 'New solution for updating equipment and products in the field'

06 April 2005
Remote Industrial Control and monitoring over a network

RHIO10 is a new compact and flexible control interface for remote control and monitoring of industrial applications over an Ethernet network. It has 12 opto-isolated digital inputs, 10 relay outputs and 4 10-bit ADC inputs with lots of programmable settings. It is easy to set up and manage through Windows, Telnet or Serial Terminal. Read the press release 'Remote Industrial Control and monitoring over a network'

06 April 2005

Kanda Newsletters

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Newsletter Volume 4 2010 USB PLD Trainer, Low cost ARM9 Modules with Linux, Hi-speed USB introductory bundle and software updates Read newsletter 7
Newsletter Volume 5 2010 Software updates for Handheld AVR Programmer and PIC Programmer, new Cyclone II FPGA trainer and Christmas greetings and holiday Read newsletter 8
Newsletter Volume 1 2011 AVRStudio5 support, new standalone PIC Programmer, ProBee ZigBee Wireless solution and new Xeltek Universal Programmer Read newsletter 9
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