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Lawicel CANUSB adapter for simple CANBUS connection to PC

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USB Kit for programming and development of Atmel CPLD devices

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Dear Subscribers,

Topics in this issue include new product introductions, software updates and EOL information.

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 New Xeltek ISP Programmer
 End of Line Wellon Universal VP-190 Programmer
 New Device Support on PIC Handheld Programmer
 New Embedded Module for Web Interface

USB Universal ISP Programmer

New Xeltek ISP Programmer

Super fast USB2.0 In System Programmer that works on Windows and Linux and supports over 2300 devices, including many microcontrollers from Atmel, ST, Microchip, Motorola, NEC and Samsung as well as most E(E)PROM/FRAM/NVRAM from 73 manufacturers.The ultimate in ISP

For more information, please see

  Xeltek Universal ISP


Wellon VP-190 Universal Programmer

End of Line Wellon Universal VP-190 Programmer

The 40-pin VP-190 programmer is a very good low cost USB programmer for memory and some microcontrollers. It has now been replaced by the VP-290 that uses USB v2.0, so it is faster. We are clearing stock of this programmer, so grab a bargin now.

For more information, please see

  Wellon VP-190 Universal Programmer


PIC Hand held Programmer

New Device Support on PIC Handheld Programmer

PIC USB Handheld Programmers now support the new PIC16F193x and PIC16F182x series. These are new microcontrollers from Microchip with speed, voltage range and performance enhancements over older PIC16F series microcontrollers. The programmer now supports all released versions, and will support new variants, such as PIC16F194x when they are released. This is software version v3.7.0

  Software Downloads Page

  USB Handheld PIC Programmer


DNP9265 Embedded Module

New 32-bit Embedded Module

The new DNP-9265 Module is the best value yet, to easily add web interfaces to your products. As well as web server, Telnet and FTP support, it has a USB host, CAN interface, 3 serial ports plus lots of memory and other interfaces. All in a 40-pin DIL package.

It runs Linux OS and the starter kit allows you to customise it using C/C++ development suite. The starter kit also has a full development board, cabling and power supply.
Or if you don't fancy that, we offer a design service to customise the modules to your requirements.
Email or fill in our custom enquiry form.

  Custom Design Enquiry Form

  DNP-9265 Embedded Module

  Embedded Module Starter Kit



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