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Starter Kit for DNP-9256 Module with ARM9 and Linux

Kanda - Starter Kit for SSV DNP-9265 modules with ARM 9 and Linux

Starter Kit for SSV DNP-9265 modules with ARM 9 and Linux

The DIL/NetPC DNP/9265 starter kit is everything you need to get started with your AT91SAM9265 ARM9-based embedded Ethernet/USB/CAN networking application...

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Starter Kit for SSV DNP-9265 with Linux and Arm 9 Module

The DIL/NetPC DNP/9265 starter kit is everything you need to get started with your AT91SAM9265 Arm 9 Module single board computer. The starter kit includes an DNP/9265 Arm 9 Module with a pre-installed embedded Linux, the evaluation board DNP/EVA6, power supply, serial interface (null-modem) cable, one CD-ROM with software and documentation and a printed user manual for the first steps with the Arm 9 Module starter kit.

The starter kit CD-ROM for Arm 9 Module comes with a full GNU cross tool chain for C/C++ software development. These binary files of the tool chain run on a x86 Linux-based host (SuSE, Red Hat or other) and build ELF binary files for the AT91SAM9265 ARM9 32-bit RISC microcontroller. For using the DIL/NetPC DNP/9265 starter kit you need a development system. The minimal configuration for this system is a Windows-based PC with the HyperTerminal terminal emulation program and a free COM port (COM1 or COM2) for the serial link between the DIL/NetPC DNP/9265 and HyperTerminal. For using an Ethernet link, your PC needs an Ethernet adapter with 10BASE-T or 10BASE-T/100BASE-TX interface. This environment allows web server Java applet programming and Linux shell script programming. For using the GNU C/C++ tool chain, it is necessary to run Linux on the development system.

Features - Arm 9 Module

The DIL/NetPC DNP/9265 Arm 9 Module single board computer has pre-installed embedded Linux consisting of two main components: 1. the Linux kernel and 2. the root file system. The kernel offers FLASH File System (FFS) support. This allows you to download files via FTP or TFTP direct to the DNP/9265 FLASH memory.

  • DIL/NetPC DNP/9265 with 192 MHz AT91SAM9263 and 32 Mbytes FLASH / 32 Mbytes SDRAM, 3.3 VDC Vcc
  • U-Boot Boot Loader and Embedded Linux pre-installed in FLASH
  • Evaluation Board DNP/EVA6 with CAN, RS232 and RJ45
  • Serial Interface (null-modem) Cable
  • CD-ROM with User Manual and Hardware/Programmers Manuals
  • Embedded Linux with Source
  • GNU Cross Tool Chain for C/C++ Software Development
  • Linux Remote Login with Telnet
  • Web Server Setup Sample
  • FTP Server Setup Sample
  • Arm 9 Module

Arm 9 Module ARM9265 Single Board Computer Overview

DNP-9265 Modules with Arm 9 Module

See SSV DIL/NetPC Embedded Modules with Linux Overview

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Ordering Information Order Code: STK30 Price: $313.00
Shipping to United States: Recorded airmail - $15.00 Fedex Express - $25.00

No Replacement

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