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Custom Design and Manufacturing

As well as supplying our standard products, Kanda can offer customization, design services and assembly to suit your needs. As we have our own development and production sections, we can offer an effective custom design service.

Device Programmer Custom design

If you need extra device support, customized interfaces or different versions of our products, then we can help you with our custom design services. We have supplied a range of different connectors and changed firmware to deal with unusual circuits, for example, to deal with 2F capacitors on the target!

custom design and electronic assembly and electronic manufacturing services

Please fill in the enquiry form with your requirements or email support.

Embedded Modules and Custom Design

Kanda supply a wide range of embedded modules for protocol conversion, wireless enabling and other electronics custom design projects.
custom design and electronic assembly and electronic manufacturing services custom design and electronic assembly and electronic manufacturing services

We can undertake custom designs using these and other modules. We also specialize in short range communications, particularly machine to machine interfaces or machine to tool head links, using RF or IR links. Again, please fill in the enquiry form.

Electronic Assembly and Manufacturing Services

As part of our custom design programs, or as a separate project if required, we can undertake PCB assembly and soldering including SMT, product assembly and testing. Kanda can take your design idea from prototype through to manufacturing. Just fill in the form.
SMD assembly services

So, if you need a custom design, communication projects, prototype services or electonic assembly and manufacturing service, please give us more details by filling in our Design Services form. Please give as much information about your needs as possible.

Kanda operate a policy of complete confidentially and will keep any details you give us in strictest confidence. We can also sign Non Disclosure Agreements (NDA) if necessary.

SMD assembly services

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