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Kanda Product Categories

Here are the main product categories on Kanda site.

Kanda Product Categories

Kanda sell a wide range of tools of electronic engineers and training products. The main categories are listed here:
  • Programmers
  • CAN interface
  • USB interfaces
  • Bluetooth Wireless
  • Starter Kits
  • Chips and Modules
  • Training and books
  • Logic Analysers
  • Emulators


The main programmer category is broken down into different sub-categories for the different programmer types
  • Gang Programmers
  • Universal Programmers
  • In System Programmers (ISP)
  • Keyfob Programmers
  • Device or Chip Programmers
  • Handheld Programmers

CAN Interfaces

Interfaces for CAN Bus including CAN Adapter USB and CAN to serial adapters, to connect CAN network to PC or to monitor CAN Bus traffic.

USB Interfaces

This category includes standard USB cables, USB extenders and a range of Full Speed USB products, with data transfer up to 480 mbps and FPGA interfaces.

Starter Kits

Evaluation and Development boards and starter kits for PIC, AVR, ARM microcontrollers, Bluetooth wireless, PLDS and FPGAs. Arduino R3 Plus, sensors and a wide range of accessories like LCDs, Keypads and ADC.


Emulators, ICE and debuggers for PIC microcontrollers, AVR microcontrollers, ARM, STM32, and NXP microcontrollers

Logic Analysers

PC based USB high speed, multi-channel Logic Analyzers with rapid data capture, huge event memories and complex trigger conditions, if reuired. Includes protocol analyzers for rapid comms debugging.

Bluetooth Wireless

A wide range of embedded Bluetooth Wireless modules to quickly add Bluetooth to your prodyuct, long range Serial to Bluetooth adapters and long range USB to Bluetooth modules.

Training and Books

Training products for microcelectrionics, including how are microcontrollers programmed, introduction to microcontroller programming, logic training and understanding FPGAs.

Chips, ICs and Modules

Different categories cover AVR microcontrollers, Smart Cards, Wireless Modules, PIC microcontrollers, Atmel PLDs , embedded USB modules, serial EEPROMs and Ethernet adapters.

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