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Topics in this issue include serial EEPROM programmers, Atmel CPLD programmer, Xeltek programmers and ZigBee wireless news.

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 Serial EEPROM Programmer
 Sena ZigBee Range
 Xeltek Reach 90,000 Devices
 Atmel CPLD Programmer

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Kanda serial EEPROM Programmer Picture

Programming Serial EEPROMs

Kanda's latest serial EEPROM programmer is ideal for copying or production programming of serial EEPROMs. This USB ISP programmer is easy to use, with great user interface, but also comes with free DLL and command line software so that you can create your own interface.

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  Serial EEPROM Programmer


USB ZigBee adapter picture

ZigBee Wireless Solutions

ZigBee is the best wireless solution for sensors and control networks as it is low power and makes it easy to add and remove nodes. Fore more about ZigBee networks, see our

>   ZigBee Wireless Guide

Sena ZigBee products are easily configurable to create a ZigBee network and are available with USB or serial interfaces or as embedded modules to create your own ZigBee network.

More Information

  Sena ZigBee Products


Wellon universal Programmers

Xeltek Universal Programmer Update

Xeltek have now reached over 90,000 devices supported on their popular SuperPro programmers. If you are looking for a programmer that will grow with your programming needs, then choose Xeltek. Xeltek programmers also have the best range of socket adapters, including all the latest high density package types.

  • VP-590 is replaced by VP-596
  • VP-990 will be replaced by VP-996

For more information, please see

  Xeltek Universal Programmers


Atmel ATDH1150USB programmer Picture

Atmel CPLD Programmer

Kanda have produced a new version of Atmel's ATDH1150USB programmer to replace the existing unit. This programmer uses Atmel specification and their CPS7.0 software to programming complex PLDs.

For more information, please see

  Atmel CPLD Programmers



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