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Training and Books » FPGA Training » FPGA-TRAIN

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FPGA Training Kit

Kanda - FPGA Development and Training Kit

FPGA Training Kit
A comprehensive Altera FPGA development board, with USB Blaster programmer, Cyclone II FPGA board and motherboard with a wide range of peripherals. All development software, handbooks, training modules are free...

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Altera Cyclone II USB FPGA Starter Kit

All you need to get going with FPGA devices. A FPGA development motherboard with a daughter-board carrying Cyclone II Altera FPGA. The kit includes FPGA USB blaster for programming and debugging plus user guides and test code for the boards. All software needed including Quartus II development environment with VHDL compiler, FPGA design tutorials, simulation tools and fitters plus NIOS embedded processor are available for free download.

Ideal for FPGA design, development and training from FPGA basics to full embedded design. This evaluation kit uses Altera Cylcone II EP2C8Q208C8 FPGA (8250 LE) mounted on a daughter board with 64 MBit SDRAM and 16Mbit Flash RAM included.


Whether you want to learn about FPGA, need to train others about FPGA or have a specific embedded design you want to implement, this evaluation kit has all you need.

  • The FPGA is mounted on a daughter board, which can be used independently or with motherboard.
  • Daughter board has 64 Mbit of SDRAM with 16Mbit flash chip configuration for NIOS embedded processor development
  • Fitted with Cyclone Ii 208 pin FPGA (see below)
  • SD card interface
  • 8 multiplexed 7-segment displays
  • LEDs, 8 x 8 dot matrix display and interface for 1602 and 12864 LCDs
  • Support for real-time clock (RTC), with DS1302 chip
  • DIP switches, toggle switches, reset switches
  • Buzzer and temperature sensor
  • VGA, RS232 and RF interfaces
  • IR interface and remote control
  • ADC and DAC chips
  • EEPROM, 24LC04 chip (512 * 8bit) I2C interface
  • PS / 2 interface, for PS / 2 keyboard and mouse support
  • Configuration chip for AS interface
  • All pins brought out
  • High quality boards with gold contacts.
  • USB blaster cable included
  • 50MHz clock

FPGA Details

Cyclone II EP2C8 series FPGA (EP2C8G208C8N) with
  • Logic Elements 8,256
  • M4K RAM Blocks (4 kbits + 512 Parity Bits) 36
  • Embedded Memory (Kbits) 162
  • 18-Bit x 18-Bit Embedded Multipliers 18
  • PLLs 2
  • Maximum User I/O Pins 182
  • Differential Channels 77

Free Downloads
  • Altera� Quartus II software for Cyclone II FPGA, with VHDL, Verilog and schematic entry, compiler, simulator and device fitters
  • SignalTap II Logic Analyzer to capture and display real-time signal behavior
  • NIOS Embedded Processor Development software
  • SOPC development
  • Complete help files and handbooks
  • On line tutorials and training courses

CD Contents
  • USB Byte Blaster software
  • Board guides, test files and components
  • FPGA introduction handbook


  • USB Blaster Cable (with 10-way interface lead and USB cable)
  • usb blaster
  • FPGA Cyclone II EP2C8 daughter board
  • FPGA development motherboard or expansion board
  • 2 x Transparent protective plates with brass spacers
  • 5V/2A power supply
  • Nul-modem serial cable
  • CD-ROM

FPGA Design Process using FPGA Starter Kit

  • Use the editor of Quartus II VHDL, Verilog or Schematic design coding to develop design
  • Compilation / synthesis and simulation of design using Quartus II
  • Fit to the FPGA
  • Download to board and check operation
  • Use logic and real-time signal analysis capabilities built into the hardware for verification test

Altera, Cyclone II and Quartus are Registered Trade Marks of Altera Corp

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Ordering Information

Ordering Information Order Code: FPGA-TRAIN Price: $189.00
Shipping to United States: Recorded airmail - $18.50 Fedex Express - $28.00


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