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Handheld Programmers
handheld programmers

Simple to load and use, standalone battery powered Handheld Programmers for AVR, PIC and Serial EEPROM

Wellon Programmers
Wellon Universal Programmer pictures

Wellon universal programmer range for serial EEPROM, PLD, memory and microcontrollers

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This newsletter details services and products we can offer to the transport industry.

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 Custom Design Services
 Simple Handheld Programmer for field updates
 Embedded Modules for web Interfaces and CANBUS
 Ethernet, Bluetooth, USB, RS485 Interfaces

USB Universal ISP Programmer

Custom Design and Prototyping

Kanda have both design and production services. So, whether you need a complete job or just want some prototypes built for you, we can do it. Surface mount, through-hole, PCB layout, microcontroller design, and more...

Email or fill in our custom enquiry form.

  Custom Design Enquiry Form


PIC Hand held Programmer

Simple Handheld Programmer for field updates

Kanda have a range of very easy to use Handheld programmers, for serial memory, PIC and AVR microcontrollers. Just load once from the PC or laptop, and then a single button press does the firmware update. Simple, convienient and idiot proof.

For more information, please see
  PIC Microcontroller Handheld Programmer

  AVR Microcontroller Handheld Programmer


DNP9265 Embedded Module

New 32-bit Embedded Module

The new DNP-9265 Module is the best value yet, to easily add web interfaces to your products. As well as web server, Telnet and FTP support, it has a USB host, CAN interface, 3 serial ports plus lots of memory and other interfaces. All in a 40-pin DIL package.

It runs Linux OS and the starter kit allows you to customise it using C/C++ development suite. The starter kit also has a full development board, cabling and power supply.
Or if you don't fancy that, we offer a design service to customise the modules to your requirements.
Email or fill in our custom enquiry form.

  Custom Design Enquiry Form

  DNP-9265 Embedded Module

  Embedded Module Starter Kit


4 Port Ethernet box

Ethernet, Bluetooth and other Interfaces

Kanda have a range of boxes and embedded modules to convert serial port products to Ethernet, WiFi or Bluetooth wireless, provide USB to CAN interfaces and hi-speed USB. Either use the modules in your new equipment or just connect the external interfaces to existing stuff.

  CAN to USB Converter

  Hi-speed USB Modules

  Serial to Ethernet Converter

  USB to RS422 and RS485 Adapter

  Bluetooth Interfaces



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