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Handheld and Standalone Programmers

Handheld standalone programmers for PIC, Atmel SAMD, ATxmega, AVR, ARM Cortex, NXP, Renesas microcontrollers and serial EEPROMs. Ideal for field or production use. See Programmers-Burners for ISP and socket programmers.

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Programmers-Burners » Hand Held Programmers

AVR ISP and UPDI Programmers

As well as our range of Handheld Programmers, Kanda also sell PC based Programmers including AVR ISP, UPDI programmer, PIC programmer and memory programmers


Hand Held Programmers

Standard programmers, like PICkit3, IDC3 or AVRISP-MKII are fine for development but their weakness become apparent when you try and move your product to production or attempt to update the firmware in the field. The last thing you want is for your production staff to have to deal with complex software like MPLAB or Atmel Studio or even a standard programmer GUI.

It means that you have to train your staff more extensively and can expect many more mistakes and supervisor intervention to sort out problems. The answer is to use a standalone programmer. This is loaded once with the correct code, including data EEPROM, all the fuses and configuration bytes and programmer settings. Once loaded, all the operator has to do is plug it in and press the big button and wait for green LED to flash - what could be easier? Our AVR, ATxmega, SAMD and PIC standalone programmers also come in portable versions that can store up to 8 different programs that are easy to select with a rotary switch.

Kanda standalone programmers also work really well if production is off site, in China for example. All you have to do is load a programmer and send it to the factory with really easy instructions, no hassle and no mistakes, truly mobile. Our hand held programmers are used extensively by production engineers because of their simplicity and this becomes even clearer when we look at updating firmware in the field. This may be needed to fix a bug, introduce new features or configure a machine on site. Whatever the reason, the equipment to be updated is scattered everywhere, often in difficult places like kitchens, which means sending an engineer with a laptop.

If you use a standalone handheld programmer, it simplifies the process as you can send it to your distributors or agents or use much less skilled engineers to do the update. It is much easier to plug in a unit and press the button than to mess around with laptops. Our customers use them for all sorts of applications where mobile programming is necessary, including deep fat fryers and other kitchen equipment, lift controls, electric fences, boat control panels, marine radar, Airbus servicing, power controllers and many, many more.

We have also added features like restrict number of uses, which is really useful to control how many units your customer can program plus simple copy functions and serial numbers in User Row or EEPROM. They are easy to load, ridiculously easy to use and save you an awful lot of grief and headaches in any production environment or firmware update situation. Standalone programmers for the future.

Cyclone Standalone Programmers

Kanda now sell PEMicro Cyclone programmers for NXP and ARM chips as well as their Multilink programmers and debuggers for development and PC based programming.

PIC and AVR Programmers

Kanda handheld and portable programmers support PIC, AVR and ARM Cortex M0 microcontrollers as well as Serial EEPROMs. All Kanda programmers are designed to be easy to use.

Kanda Standalone programmers can also be loaded from a phone app using OTG connector - Standalone Programmer Phone App


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