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Quick USB Module

Kanda - QuickUSB Hi-speed USB Embedded USB Module- fast USB

Quick USB Module
The quickest way to add high speed USB 2.0 to your product is with QuickUSB embedded USB module. Since all the USB functionality is in the QuickUSB module, you don't need to learn USB...

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Quick USB Module for Hi-speed USB

New Low Price
The quickest way to add high-speed USB 2.0 to your own circuits is with QuickUSB. Since all the USB functionality is in the Quick USB module, you don't need to learn USB to add a hi-speed USB 2.0 interface to your product. Ideal for labs, observatories, research institutes and products where fast data transfer is essential.

QuickUSB Description

The QuickUSB embedded USB Module is a 2inches x 1 inch circuit board that implements a bus powered Hi-speed USB 2.0 endpoint terminating in a single 80-pin target interface connector.
The target interface consists of:
  • One 8 or 16-bit high-speed parallel port
  • Up to three general-purpose 8-bit parallel I/O ports
  • Two RS-232 ports
  • One I2C port, with multiplexer
  • One soft SPI port or FPGA configuration port
These interfaces are extremely powerful and very fast. For example, 96 MBps bursts on parallel port and 20 MBps continous data. This makes them very different from low cost USB 1.1 modules.
For full details, download QuickUSB Seminar as a 1.2MB PDF document.

Simply connect your product's data interface to the Quick USB module interface ports then call the QuickUSB Library functions to communicate with your product. QuickUSB is based on the Cypress CY7C68013-128AC EZ-USB FX2 microcontroller.

Lower Cost Upgrade Paths

As well as volume discounts on the QuickUSB modules themselves, you also have the following options for larger volume applications.
  • Use the reference design to duplicate the module design in your own circuit, and just purchase QuickUSB chip Packs. These contain the code to implement all the QuickUSB functions
  • License the software for larger volumes, which can give you unit costs of less than 1 USD.
So, for high speed USB in small volumes and for prototyping use the Quick USB module.
For medium volume, purchase chip packs
For high volume, license the software
This means that you can save development time and money, as well as getting low production costs

Contact sales for information on licensing costs

Quick USB Module Software Package

The QuickUSB Library is included with all QuickUSB products and includes extensive documentation of how to set up and use the Quick USB module, the device driver, 32/64-bit interface DLLs/shared libraries, utility applications, and is available for both Windows (up to Win 7, 64-bit) and Linux. The QuickUSB Library also comes with a variety of example programs written in many different programming languages that work out-of-the-box as the Windows DLL can be called by practically any programming language and the Windows .NET Assembly allows support for any of the .NET capable languages. The Linux version is distributed as a static (.a) and shared library (.so) for use with the numerous languages available in Linux.

Customising Your Product

Quick USB modules now include a customizer to tailor your product. You can also request a free PID (Product Identification Code) from technical support. When combined with the Bitwise Systems VID and the user-defined serial number, this makes customized modules uniquely identifiable.

With the QuickUSB Customizer(TM), you can tailor the QuickUSB Module or Chip Pack to give your product that custom developed look and feel

They'll never know it's QuickUSB!

The QuickUSB Customizer is an easy to use application that lets you make the QuickUSB Module look like a scratch-built USB peripheral. The QuickUSB Customizer lets you create a device specific template that you can apply to all your QuickUSB-based products to give them:
  • A user-defined 'Product' string descriptor
  • A user-defined product serial number
  • User-defined defaults
  • A customized INF file
The QuickUSB Customizer includes a unique PID (Product ID). When combined with the Bitwise Systems VID and the user-defined serial number, this makes customized modules uniquely identifiable.

Connecting QuickUSB

Reference Material

These PDF files open in a new Window

Download QuickUSB User Guide (Zip)

QuickUSB Target Interface

QuickUSB Mechanical Drawing

QuickUSB Bill of Materials

QuickUSB Schematic

Download Orcad Schematic (zip)

Application Notes

These open in a new tab

  • AN100 Is QuickUSB right for my application?
  • AN101 Designing with QuickUSB Modules, iChipPack Licenses, and ChipPack EEPROMs
  • AN102 How to determine which IO Model is best for your application
  • AN103 How to Successfully Design the QuickUSB Circuit Into a Custom PCB
  • AN104 How to Uniquely Identify QuickUSB Devices
  • AN105 Maximizing Data Throughput with QuickUSB

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Ordering Information

Ordering Information Order Code: QUSB2 Price: $99.00
Shipping to United States: Recorded airmail - $15.00 Fedex Express - $25.00


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