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AVR Development with JTAG and DebugWire

Kanda supply a range of development kits, with different boards, ISP programmers and a different emulators, including JTAG ICE, AVR ICE and AVRDragon. This guide is written to allow you find the correct kit for your needs.

Popular Products

ATmega128 Training Kit
avr dragon emulator and programmer with STK300 AVR board

AVRDragon with STK300 64-pin board, plus training, sample code and books

STK200-X Dragon Kit picture

Complete training kit for AVR microcontrollers with AVR ICE and Programmer

Why Choose a Kanda Kit?

Whatever project you have in mind, the best way to start is to learn some of the basics. Kanda kits do just that so you can understand what the development process actually should be. As an example, you could just try painting by numbers or assembling a kit but once you have done this, you still don't understand how it should work.

Our approach takes a bit longer but gives you a firm foundation in how to program in assembler or C and create your circuit. Our kits cover everything you need to know to get your project off on the right footing.

Development Boards

The first choice is to select your board. Both have LEDS, switches, UART, LCD interface etc.

The two boards are
  • STK200-X: Board for 8, 20, 28 and 40-pin microcontrollers
  • STK300: Board for 64-pin mounted microcontrollers

Unless you have a specific project in mind that requires lots of pins and extra memory, the STK200 board is the best for most people to start with.

Once you have selected your board, then your next choice is programmer or emulator (ICE) or both.

AVRStudio (Studio) is Atmel's development environment and is supplied with all kits. It includes project management, a full featured editor, assembler, C compiler, simulator for testing code plus an interface for tools like programmers and emulators.

If you want to get to grips with microcontrollers and how to use them, you need to learn how to use a development environment or you will never be able to progress.

Which Programmer or Emulator Do You Need?

There are 3 hardware choices for programming and debugging with our boards, depending on the target microcontroller and your budget:
  • ISP: USB In system programmer with its own software (but can be run from Studio when required) for programming all ATmega and ATtiny microcontrollers. Studio Simulator can be used for debugging.

  • JTAGICE: In Circuit Emulator using JTAG Port and runs from Studio 4 software. It has limited device support

  • ICE: ISP and Emulator in one package. It is a bare board, but Kanda supply all leads and adapters required. Runs from Studio software and has ISP, JTAG and DebugWire (for emulating smaller devices)

All are available separately if you already have a board, see links at bottom of page.

So which AVR Development kit should you choose?

All the kits include Studio, C compiler, sample code, schematics, instructions and books on CD to get you up and running with AVR development. So, whatever your choice of development boards and ISP or ICE, you have all the information you need to get going with these microcontrollers.
  1. SK200-X and STK300: Basic low cost kits with USB ISP programmer. Debug via Simulator

  2. STK200-X-ICE and STK300-DRAGON : Includes DRAGON aor AVR ICE which are an ISP and Emulator for nearly all devices. They can only run from Studio

Details of each AVR Development kit

Board STK200-X STK200-X STK300 STK300
Emulator None AVR ICE None DRAGON
MCU Included ATmega16 ATmega16 ATmega128 ATmega128
ISP Support All except 90S All except 90S All except 90S All except 90S
ICE Support None DebugWire or JTAG None DebugWire or JTAG
Socket Support 8, 20, 28 and 40-pin 8, 20, 28 and 40-pin 64-pin 64-pin

We can supply other microcontrollers if requested. Please contact sales

STK200-X AVR Development Kits:

for 8, 20, 28 and 40 PIN Microcontrollers

STK200-X Kit
STK200 ATmega AVR board Picture
STK200-X AVR Board + ICE
STK200-x AVR board Picture

STK300 AVR Development Kits:

for 64 Pin Microcontrollers

STK300 Kit

STK300 ATmega AVR board Picture
STK300 Board

STK300 AVRDRAGON board Picture

ISP and Emulators on their own

USB versions of ISP, JTAG ICE and DRAGON available separately

USB Programmer
AVR ISP USB AVR Programmer Picture
AVR DRAGON board Picture
AVR ICE board Picture

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