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Bluetooth Wireless Adapters and Modules

This guide covers Sena Bluetooth wireless products, including Bluetooth wireless USB plus an introduction to ZigBee products and WiFi units.

Popular Products

USB Bluetooth
Sena USB Bluetooth Adapter picture

USB Bluetooth converter, works with up to 4 connections

Bluetooth Module
Sena serial Bluetooth module picture

Serial to Bluetooth modules to provide wireless Bluetooth interface for your application

Bluetooth Introduction

Bluetooth is a wireless protocol for transfering lots of data quickly. As it is a standard, wireless Bluetooth devices from different manufacturers can communicate with each other. This is achieved by using Profiles. Each type of device, for example, headsets, phones, serial port products have their own profile.

So, a device that needs to connect a PC USB port to all types of Bluetooth wireless devices should support as many profiles as possible. On the other hand, a Bluetooth wireless device that replaces wired serial ports would just support Serial Port Profile. Ideally it should allow multiple connections to create a Bluetooth wireless network or allow simple connection between two devices to replicate a serial lead.

Kanda sell both USB and Serial to Bluetooth adapters, as well as Bluetooth IP gateways for Ethernet connection. We also supply embedded serial to Bluetooth wireless modules for Bluetooth enabling your own products.

USB to Bluetooth Adapters

Kanda supply two USB to Bluetooth adapters. Both can connect to a wide range of Blueooth devices. One is a good quality standard USB to Bluetooth adapter, with a range of 10's of metres. The other is a much longer range device, with different antenna options to give up to 1Km.

USB to Bluetooth converter for USB Bluetooth Wireless USB to Bluetooth Standard USB to Bluetooth Adapter
USB to Bluetooth adapter for USB Bluetooth Wireless USB to Bluetooth converter Long Range USB to Bluetooth Adapter

Serial to Bluetooth

Another Sena Bluetooth wireless line we carry is designed for Bluetooth wireless enabling serial port (RS232) products. This could be a simple cable replacement with a wireless link created by pairing two Bluetooth units together. SD1000 and SD1000U have a button that can lock two devices together without lots of configuration.

Serial to Bluetooth converter for serial Bluetooth Wireless

Another setup is a Bluetooth wireless network, connected to a PC through USB port

Serial to Bluetooth converter for serial Bluetooth Wireless

Kanda supply 2 products that can support up to 4 Bluetooth slaves connected to one master. USB to Bluetooth and serial to Bluetooth wireless units are interchangeable in this layout. Both can also be paired. Serial Bluetooth modules (see below)can also connect to the USB Bluetooth wireless unit or Serial Bluetooth product.

Sena Serial Bluetooth wireless adapters for Serial to Bluetooth Sena Serial Bluetooth wireless adapters for Serial to Bluetooth

Serial to Bluetooth Converter
Sena Serial Bluetooth wireless USB adapters for Serial to Bluetooth Sena Serial Bluetooth wireless adapters for Serial to Bluetoot

USB to Bluetooth Converter

Connecting to IP network
If you need to connect to your IP network instead of a PC USB port, the Parani-1000 series are Bluetooth Access Points that provide a Bluetooth wireless to IP Gateway. They are extremely flexible and can be set up very easily to be:
  • A TCP/IP server or client for your host PC
  • A repeater to give extra distance in your network
  • A Bluetooth hub to allow multiple devices to communicate with each other - up to 28
  • Or a LAP interface for direct connection between your Bluetooth devices and ADSL phone lines

Serial to Bluetooth Application Diagram

This Bluetooth access point can be used in combination with serial to Bluetooth adapters, Bluetooth modules or any other Bluetooth device that supports Serial Port, LAN Access, PAN, Dial up Networking or File Transfer Protocols. You do not need to understand Bluetooth or wireless and you don't need to modify your existing equipment. With setup and management via Internet Explorer, Windows Management Software, Telnet or a Terminal Program, you have all the flexibility you need.

Sena Serial Bluetooth wireless adapters and Gateway for remote access Information Button

Bluetooth Access Point

Embedded Bluetooth to Serial Modules
Class 1, class 2 (30 metres) and Bluetooth V2.0 embedded Bluetooth to serial modules to fit in your application. These modules have 8 or 12 pins and are supplied with antenna. Both class 1 and class 2 modules are available with on-board antenna or with an external stub antenna and lead, but alternative antenna are available to give up to 1000m range. V2.0 modules also have a series of antenna choices.
Starter kits are available to get you going with the modules, which can be used in combination with the USB or Serial Bluetooth adapters or Bluetooth IP Gateway described above.

parani embedded bluetooth module Embedded Bluetooth to serial modules Serial to Bluetooth USB Bluetooth

parani embedded bluetooth modulekit Starter Kits for Embedded Bluetooth to serial modules Serial to Bluetooth USB Bluetooth

Other Wireless Solutions

Kanda have alternatives to Bluetooth wireless. If you are not sure which wireless solution is best for your application, here is a comparison chart giving the features of three wireless protocols, Bluetooth, ZigBee and WiFi

Monitoring and Control
Email, Web, Video
Cable replacement
Physical/ MAC layers
IEEE 802.15.4
IEEE 802.11
IEEE 802.15.1
Data Rate
250 Kbits/s
11 & 54 Mbits/sec
1 Mbits/s
10-100 meters
50-100 meters
10 meters
Networking Topology
Point to hub
Ad-hoc, very small networks
Operating Frequency
2.4 GHz
2.4 and 5 GHz
2.4 GHz
Complexity (Device and application impact)
Power Consumption
Number of devices for Network
32 per access point
Network Latency New slave enumeration
30 ms
20 sec
Network Latency
Join an existing network in <30ms
Connection 3-5 seconds
Connection up to 10 seconds
Typical Applications
Industrial control and monitoring, sensors
Wireless LAN connectivity
Wireless connectivity between devices

ZigBee Wireless Solution

Bluetooth is very good for fast data transfer, but for control and monitoring applications, you could consider Zigbee Wireless instead, as it is more flexible.

Serial to Bluetooth USB Bluetooth or ZigBee

WiFi Serial Device Servers

Wireless-enable your serial devices using these wireless device servers, which can connect to your existing WiFi network or hub.

Wireless Device Server - WiFi   STS400
Four Port Terminal Device Server with WiFi PC card support
Eight Port Terminal Device Server with WiFi PC card support
Sixteen Port Terminal Device Server with WiFi PC card support

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