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CANUSB, Embedded USB and USB Adapters

Kanda supply a range of USB converters and adapters. This includes everything from simple leads, extension cables and ports, through to a range of USB adapters like CANUSB and Bluetooth.

USB Adapters

  • USB to serial converters
  • RS422 and RS485 adapters
  • Hi-speed USB modules
  • CANUSB interfaces
  • Bluetooth wireless.
  • ZigBee Wireless

CANUSB converters

If you need to interface a PC to a CAN network, then these CANUSB adapters are ideal. Small and easy to use, they can be configured to use 11 and 29-bit CAN frames, and filters and masks and other CAN bus settings can easily be changed. A sample software interface isincluded as well as examples and projects in different languages.

CANUSB converter      CANUSB adapter

Quick USB Modules

Hi-speed USB2 Modules with very fast data transfer rates of up to 48Mbps in bursts or 12Mbps continuously. They have a range of interfaces, including:
  • 8-bit and 16-bit high speed parallel ports
  • 3 8-bit ports
  • 2 RS232 serial ports
  • I2C port
  • SPI port, for FPGA for example.
Hi-speed USB 2.0 is very different from USB1.1, in speed and error detection. These modules will handle USB 1.1 if needed for backwards compatibility. They are simple to use with your own programs, and come with drivers for different OS, function library and code examples for different software packages.

QuickUSB Modules for Hi-Speed USB      Hi-speed USB embedded module

USB to Serial Converter

Modern PCs especially laptops often do not have a serial port, only a USB port. Adapters are available to connect serial port products to USB ports. They act as Virtual Serial Ports so your software can't tell the difference. These adapters are more flexible than normal ones and can be programmed.
USB to Serial Converter     USB Serial Converter

USB to RS232, RS422 and RS485 Converter

USB interfaces to connect serial networks to the PC. Supports RS232, RS422 and RS485 connections.
USB to RS232, RS422 and RS485     USB RS422 and RS485 Picture

USB to Bluetooth wireless

USB to Bluetooth interfaces to connect Bluetooth enabled products to the PC. Serial to Bluetooth adapters can easy be added to a Bluetooth network.
Bluetooth Products     USB to Bluetooth wireless Picture

USB to ZigBee wireless

USB to ZigBee interfaces connect ZigBee networks to the PC, or act as a Coordinator for the networks. Serial to ZigBee adapters can be added to the network, with USB adapter to connect to PC.
ZigBee wireless overview     USB to ZigBee wireless Picture

USB Products

CANUSB Adapter
CAN to USB converter Picture

CAN USB converter
USB to RS422 and RS485
USB RS422 and RS485 Picture

USB to RS422 and RS485 Adapter
QuickUSB Modules
Quick USB Modules

Hi-speed USB 2.0 Modules
USB to Bluetooth
USB to ZigBee wireless Picture

USB to Bluetooth Adapter
USB to ZigBee
USB to ZigBee Wireless

USB to ZigBee

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