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Bluetooth Multiple-connection Mode

PARANI USB and serial to Bluetooth converters can now be used to create multiple connections to serial port devices, without the need for an Access Point. One PARANI-SD1000U is configured as a master to communicate with PC, and can then be linked to up to 4 PARANI-SD1000 slaves to create a Bluetooth network.

Bluetooth networks can be configured with two modes of operation,
  • Multi-Drop Mode
  • Node Switching Mode

Bluetooth Multi-drop Mode

PARANI-SD1000 Multi-drop Mode

One master and up to 4 slaves can communicate with one another simultaneously in both directions.

Bluetooth Node Switching Mode

Up to 4 slaves remain connected to the master, but only one slave communicates with the master at a time. The master selects a slave to communicate with using AT commands.

Barcode Reader and Serial Printer Application Example

Step 1
First, Master SD1000 receives data from the barcode reader. Then the data is transferred to the PC.
PARANI-SD1000 Node Switching Mode Read

Step 2
The PC sends the AT command to change the slave and sends the data to the serial printer.
PARANI-SD1000 Node Switching Mode Write

Benefits of each Mode

Multi-Drop Mode

  • Send the same data to multiple serial devices conveniently
  • Wireless Bluetooth Multi-Drop saves the costs of long cable and complex wiring of wired multi-drop system

Node Switching Mode

  • No time delay occurred by initial Bluetooth connection
  • Multiple Bluetooth devices can be managed efficiently


The PARANI-SD1000 uses Bluetooth v2, is low cost and can be configured in normal or muliple-connection mode and can be used for a range of serial port devices.

For more details, please see PARANI-SD1000 Details


The PARANI-SD1000U uses Bluetooth v2 and is connected to PC USB port, is low cost and can be configured in normal or muliple-connection mode.

For more details, please see PARANI-SD1000U Details

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