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AVR Programmers and Development Boards

Our AVR programmer range includes serial port, parallel port and USB options. As well as normal In System Programmers (AVR ISP) working from the PC, we offer handheld and portable programmers for standalone programming of AVR microcontrollers. Some programmers have DLL and commandline support.

This table is unsuitable for mobile devices.

AVR Programmers and AVR Development Kits

Parallel Port ProgrammerLow Cost USB ProgrammerProfessional USB ProgrammerKeyfob ProgrammerHandheld ProgrammerAVR Starter KitATmega128 Starter Kit

AVR Device support

   AVRISP   AVRISP-U   AVRUSB   KF0010U   HH0010U   STK200     STK300  
ATtiny11 No No No No No No No
ATtiny12 +5V No +1.8V +4V +1.8V 3.3V, 5V2 5V ISP6
ATtiny13 +5V +1.8V +1.8V +4V +1.8V 3.3V, 5V2 5V ISP6
ATtiny15 +5V No +1.8V +4V +1.8V 3.3V, 5V2 5V ISP6
ATtiny22 +5V No +1.8V +4V +1.8V 3.3V, 5V2 5V ISP6
ATtiny2313 +5V +1.8V +1.8V +4V +1.8V 3.3V, 5V2 5V ISP6
ATtiny24 +5V +1.8V +1.8V +4V +1.8V 3.3V, 5V6 5V ISP6
ATtiny25 +5V +1.8V +1.8V +4V +1.8V 3.3V, 5V2 5V ISP6
ATtiny26 +5V +1.8V +1.8V +4V +1.8V 3.3V, 5V2 5V ISP6
ATtiny261 +5V +1.8V +1.8V +4V +1.8V 3.3V, 5V2 5V ISP6
ATtiny44 +5V +1.8V +1.8V +4V +1.8V 3.3V, 5V6 5V ISP6
ATtiny45 +5V +1.8V +1.8V +4V +1.8V 3.3V, 5V2 5V ISP6
ATtiny461 +5V +1.8V +1.8V +4V +1.8V 3.3V, 5V2 5V ISP6
ATtiny84 +5V +1.8V +1.8V +4V +1.8V 3.3V, 5V6 5V ISP6
ATtiny85 +5V +1.8V +1.8V +4V +1.8V 3.3V, 5V2 5V ISP6
ATtiny861 +5V +1.8V +1.8V +4V +1.8V 3.3V, 5V2 5V ISP6
ATmega8 +5V +1.8V +1.8V +4V +1.8V 3.3V, 5V2 5V ISP6
ATmega16 +5V +1.8V +1.8V +4V +1.8V 3.3V, 5V2 5V ISP6
ATmega32 +5V +1.8V +1.8V +4V +1.8V 3.3V, 5V2 5V ISP6
ATmega48 +5V +1.8V +1.8V +4V +1.8V 3.3V, 5V2 5V ISP6
ATmega64 +5V +1.8V +1.8V +4V +1.8V 5V ISP6 5V ISP6
ATmega88 +5V +1.8V +1.8V +4V +1.8V 3.3V, 5V2 5V ISP6
ATmega103 +5V No +1.8V +4V4 +1.8V 5V ISP1 3.3V, 5V1
ATmega128 +5V +1.8V +1.8V +4V4 +1.8V 5V ISP6 3.3V, 5V7
ATmega1280 +5V +1.8V +1.8V +4V4 +1.8V 5V ISP6 5V ISP6
ATmega1281 +5V +1.8V +1.8V +4V4 +1.8V 5V ISP6 5V ISP6
ATmega161 +5V +1.8V +1.8V +4V +1.8V 3.3V, 5V2 5V ISP6
ATmega162 +5V +1.8V +1.8V +4V +1.8V 3.3V, 5V2 5V ISP6
ATmega163 +5V +1.8V +1.8V +4V +1.8V 3.3V, 5V2 5V ISP6
ATmega164P +5V +1.8V +1.8V +4V +1.8V 3.3V, 5V2 5V ISP6
ATmega165 +5V +1.8V +1.8V +4V +1.8V 5V ISP6 5V ISP6
ATmega168 +5V +1.8V +1.8V +4V +1.8V 3.3V, 5V2 5V ISP6
ATmega169 +5V +1.8V +1.8V +4V +1.8V 5V ISP6 5V ISP6
ATmega2560 +5V +1.8V +1.8V +4V4 +1.8V5 5V ISP6 5V ISP6
ATmega2561 +5V +1.8V +1.8V +4V4 +1.8V5 5V ISP6 5V ISP6
ATmega323 +5V No +1.8V +4V +1.8V 5V ISP2 5V ISP6
ATmega324P +5V +1.8V +1.8V +4V +1.8V 5V ISP6 5V ISP6
ATmega325 +5V +1.8V +1.8V +4V +1.8V 5V ISP6 5V ISP6
ATmega3250 +5V +1.8V +1.8V +4V +1.8V 5V ISP6 5V ISP6
ATmega329 +5V +1.8V +1.8V +4V +1.8V 5V ISP6 5V ISP6
ATmega3290 +5V +1.8V +1.8V +4V +1.8V 5V ISP6 5V ISP6
ATmega603 No No No No No No No
ATmega640 +5V +1.8V +1.8V +4V4 +1.8V 5V ISP6 5V ISP6
ATmega644 +5V +1.8V +1.8V +4V4 +1.8V 3.3V, 5V2 5V ISP6
ATmega644P +5V +1.8V +1.8V +4V4 +1.8V 3.3V, 5V2 5V ISP6
ATmega645 +5V +1.8V +1.8V +4V4 +1.8V 5V ISP6 5V ISP6
ATmega6450 +5V +1.8V +1.8V +4V4 +1.8V 5V ISP6 5V ISP6
ATmega649 +5V +1.8V +1.8V +4V4 +1.8V 5V ISP6 5V ISP6
ATmega6490 +5V +1.8V +1.8V +4V4 +1.8V 5V ISP6 5V ISP6
ATmega8515 +5V +1.8V +1.8V +4V +1.8V 3.3V, 5V2 5V ISP6
ATmega8535 +5V +1.8V +1.8V +4V +1.8V 3.3V, 5V2 5V ISP6
AT90CAN32 +5V +1.8V +1.8V +4V +1.8V 5V ISP6 5V ISP6
AT90CAN64 +5V +1.8V +1.8V +4V +1.8V 5V ISP6 5V ISP6
AT90CAN128 +5V +1.8V +1.8V +4V +1.8V 5V ISP6 5V ISP6
AT90PWM2/3 +5V +1.8V +1.8V +4V +1.8V 5V ISP6 5V ISP6
AT90PWM316 +5V +1.8V +1.8V +4V +1.8V 5V ISP6 5V ISP6
AT90S1200 +5V No +1.8V +4V +1.8V 3.3V, 5V1 5V ISP1
AT90S2313 +5V No +1.8V +4V +1.8V 3.3V, 5V1 5V ISP1
AT90S2323 +5V No +1.8V +4V +1.8V 3.3V, 5V1 5V ISP1
AT90S2333 +5V No +1.8V +4V +1.8V 3.3V, 5V1 5V ISP1
AT90S2343 +5V No +1.8V +4V +1.8V 3.3V, 5V1 5V ISP1
AT90S4414 +5V No +1.8V +4V +1.8V 3.3V, 5V1 5V ISP1
AT90S4433 +5V No +1.8V +4V +1.8V 3.3V, 5V1 5V ISP1
AT90S8515 +5V No +1.8V +4V +1.8V 3.3V, 5V1 5V ISP1
AT90S8535 +5V No +1.8V +4V +1.8V 3.3V, 5V1 5V ISP1

1 denotes: STK200-P or STK300-P (Parallel Port) Needed for this device.
2 denotes: STK200 has socket support for this device as well as ISP.
3 denotes: 32KB maximum size of Code and Data for EEPROM combined.
4 denotes: 64KB maximum size of Code and Data for EEPROM combined.
5 denotes: 256KB maximum size of Code including 4KB Data for EEPROM.
6 denotes: 3.3V and 5V Programming with AVRISP. NO socket on board for this device.
7 denotes: STK300 has socket support for this device as well as ISP.

See Details of Kanda AVR Programmer Range

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