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Dear Subscribers,

New Software Downloads and AVR C Code, new Bluetooth Dongle and Embedded Cloud Computing

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 Embedded Cloud Computing
 STK200 AVR C Code
 AVR New Device Support
 Long Range USB Bluetooth Dongle
 Special Offers Page

DIL/NetPC DNP-5370 Now with 1 GByte SD Card

DNP/SK29-ECC: Embedded Cloud Computing Starter Kit

Cloud Computing is the concept of storing data, running applications, processing and sending messages on an Internet based server rather than a local machine. SSV have now extended this concept so that low cost embedded modules can use Cloud Computing, which eliminates the need for industrial PCs.

The DNP/SK29-ECC is a ready-to-use Starter Kit, which has - beside the Debian-based embedded Linux operating system - an Amazon S3 cloud storage client preinstalled. It has a powerful DIL/NetPC DNP/2486 module with lots of peripherals (USB host, UARTs, SPI, Ethernet etc), full software suite and an evaluation board.

In addition you receive a prepaid test account which is valid for 30 days including 25 MB traffic volume on an Amazon S3 storage server. Therefore you are able to make yourself familiar with the advantages of Embedded Cloud Computing without any further costs.


 Starter Kit with Embedded Cloud Computing [New Window]


STK200 Starter Kit Picture

Sample C Code for STK200 AVR Kits

We have put AVR C code examples for STK200 on our support pages. They will also work with STK300 kit with small modifications. There are examples for UART, Keypad and LCD. More examples are included in new kits

 AVR C Code Examples


AVR ISP Support

New Devices on AVR ISP products

Our AVR ISP products, including ISPs, keyfobs and handheld programmers have new software releases to support more AVR microcontrollers.

  • ATtiny48 and ATtiny88
  • ATtiny87 and ATtiny167
  • ATtiny43U
AVRISP-U and AVRUSB now also support ATmega16M1, ATmega32M1/C1 and ATmega64M1/C1 CAN devices

 Software Download Page for all AVR ISP Programmers [new window]


Long Range USB Bluetooth Dongle

Long Range USB to Bluetooth Dongle

A new USB dongle for Bluetooth wireless is available. It has a 300m range with supplied stub antenna, 400m with DIPL antenna and up to 1Km with patch antenna (open field measurements).

It supports most Bluetooth profiles so it can communicate with a wide range of Bluetooth enabled devices including phones, dial-up, joysticks and serial port products

 USB Bluetooth Adapter [new window]


PIC Emulator

Special Offer Page

We now have a special offer page for end of line products, price reductions and promotions. Please see left menu on home page or follow this link.

 Special Offer Page [new window]



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