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PIC Handheld Programmer
pic handheld programmer

Simple to load and use, standalone battery powered PIC Handheld Programmer

AVR USB Programmer
USB AVR Programmer picture

Fast, Flexible ISP Programmer for AVR with ISP and JTAG plus DLL and command line

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Dear Subscribers,

Topics in this issue include Christmas messages, new product introductions and software updates.

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 Christmas Greetings
 Christmas Holiday
 Handheld AVR Programmer New Software
 Handheld PIC Programmer New Software
 New FPGA Training Kit

Christmas Greetings

Happy New Year

We wish all our customers and suppliers a happy Christmas and a excellent new year in 2011. Thank you for your business and orders is 2010.


New Year Holidays

Christmas and New Year Holiday

We are closed for Christmas holidays from 24th December 2010 to 3rd January 2011 inclusive. Last orders will be shipped on 23rd December 2010. Any orders placed over Christmas and New Year will be processed on 4th January 2011


AVR Handheld Programmer Software

Handheld AVR Programmer Software

The USB version of Handheld AVR programmer now supports ATmega103. This is in response to customer feedback as there still seems to be a lot of equipment with ATmega103 fitted that needs field updates. AT90S devices are also supported.

For more information, please see

  AVR Hand Held Programmer

  New Software version v1.2.7


Handheld PIC Programmer

New Features on Handheld PIC Programmer

PIC16F193x devices are now supported. All newer PIC16F and PIC18F (including J and K series) are supported in this version. The 8-Program version now has a Copy and Load whole programmer function to make it easier to load several units.

Advance Note: We expect to add support for PIC24 and dsPIC30 and dsPIC33 in the New Year, as a software upgrade.

  Hand Held PIC Programmer

  New Software version PIC HHP USB v4.0.0


Altera Cyclone II FPGA Training Kit

Altera Cyclone II FPGA Training Kit

All you need to get going with FPGA devices. A FPGA development board, VHDL compiler, FPGA design tutorials, simulation tools and USB programmer in one FPGA starter kit. Ideal for FPGA design, developent and training from FPGA basics to full embedded design. This evaluation kit uses Altera Cylcone II EP2C5Q208C8 FPGA (5000 LE) and includes schematic entry and VHDL compiler, with a complete FPGA board and FPGA programmer.

  Altera Cyclone II FPGA Training Kit



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