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Topics in this issue include new product introductions, software updates and EOL information.

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 End of line Xeltek SP3000U
 New AVR device support
 Special Offer on SP280U Programmer
 New USB to RS422/485 Adapters

USB Universal ISP Programmer

Xeltek Discontinue SP3000U

Xeltek have discontinued their long running SP3000U programmer, which has been a standard for all types of industry. The good news is that has been replaced by a faster and cheaper unit, with better device support and the same wide range of socket adapters.

For more information, please see

  Xeltek Universal SP501S Universal Programmer


AVR Programmers

New Device Support on AVR Programmers

There are new software versions for all our AVR ISP programmers, to support the latest device releases such as ATmega128RFA1 Wireless chip. These new releases also tidy up support for P, A and PA variants.

  Software Downloads Page


Xeltek SP280U Universal Programmer

End of Line Xeltek Universal SP280U Programmer

The 48-pin Xeltek SP280U universal programmer is being discontinued, and replaced with SP500P. We are clearing stock of this programmer, which has a USB interface, so grab a bargin now.

For more information, please see

  Xeltek SP280U Universal Programmer Offer

  SP500P, Replacement for SP280U


USB to 422 and 485 Adapter

New USB to RS422 and RS485 adapters.

We have new USB adapters to connect RS422 and RS485 networks to a computer through USB port. They work on Linux, Windows including CE and Mac and support speeds of up to 921.6 Kbps using USB 2.0.

  USB to RS422 and RS485 adapter



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