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Remote Industrial Control and monitoring over a network

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RHIO10 is a new compact and flexible control interface for remote control and monitoring of industrial applications over an Ethernet network. It has 12 opto-isolated digital inputs, 10 relay outputs and 4 10-bit ADC inputs with lots of programmable settings. It is easy to set up and manage through Windows, Telnet or Serial Terminal.


RHIO10 is a compact and flexible control interface for remote control and monitoring of analog and digital applications over a network. It has 12 opto-isolated digital inputs, 10 relay outputs and 4 10-bit A2D inputs, all with programmable settings. The Ethernet network interface of the Rhio10 has a 10 base-T network interface and it supports both static and DHCP IP modes for easy setup and integration with varied network types.

The 12 Digital Inputs are all optically isolated to give system protection and allow voltage levels from 0 to 24V, which greatly reduces your interface problems. The I/O can be used to sense whether equipment is On or Off, switches have been activated and similar tasks. Alternatively, the input system can be set up as an Event Driven mode so it can send data on alarm conditions or on change-of-state events. . Each Input and Output has a separate LED indicator for easy status reading.

The 10 Digital Outputs can also operate in simple On/Off Mode or they can be programmed with specific delay times. They can be configured with a range of On/Off timings or to use basic programmable logic including AND, OR and NOT functions if you need more complex control and timing operations. The power-on state of each channel can be set during setup to avoid indeterminate or wrong start up states. The ten relay outputs are capable of driving 220V circuits at 3A with 10mS reaction times.

The Rhio10 also has four 10-bit Analog to Digital Input channels. These use highly accurate integrating ADC circuits with 1mS sample rate. This makes them perfect for sensor inputs such as thermocouples. The ADC inputs have an input range of 0-5V and support either threshold detection or data acquisition.

The unit can be managed and controlled through simple Windows software, Telnet or a Serial Console program such as Hyperterm using the supplied serial lead.

The RHIO10 Remote I/O Manager supports simple or complex control, data acquisition or remote monitoring tasks. They can be carried out over a network with no problems. Applications for the unit include automated machine monitoring, industrial instrumentation, discrete control, security and access control and distributed data acquisition systems.

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Issued by: Kanda on 06 April 2005.
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