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Topics in this issue include serial EEPROM programmers, Atmel CPLD programmer, Xeltek programmers and ZigBee wireless news.

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DNP/9265 - New 40-pin DIL/NetPC

DNP/9265 - New 40-pin DIL/NetPC

A new 32-bit embedded module will be added to the DIL/NetPC range shortly. Like all DIL/NetPC modules it features embedded Linux OS (Kernal v2.6.24) and has a U-Boot Bootloader and Embedded Webserver (lighttpd with PHP and CGI support), making it ideal for fast development of complex systems.

Based on the ARM9 MCU with 192 MHz clock, it has 32 MBytes Flash and 32 MBytes SDRAM onboard. Peripheral interfaces include 3x UART, 1x CAN, 1x 10/100 Mbps Ethernet, 1x SPI, 1x I2C, 1x USB host as well as 1x SD card interface.

 Hardware Reference DNP/9265 [PDF]

 First Steps Starter Kit DNP/SK30 [PDF]

 Overview of DIL/netPC Embedded Modules

DIL/NetPC DNP-5370 Now with 1 GByte SD Card

DIL/NetPC DNP-5370 Now with 1 GByte SD Card

The DNP/5370 module now has a 1 GByte SD card included. There is no change in price. A new Linux driver has been developed to support SD cards, and is available for download. This module is based on Analog Devices BF537 32-bit Blackfin device, and gives very quick development using Linux for web interfaces and VOIP. It also includes many other interfaces, such as CAN and UARTs.

 Further information about the DNP-5370 [new window]

AVRUSB relaunched

AVRUSB Programmer Upgrade Released

The AVRUSB programmer software has been improved to give faster, smoother operation and a better swap between ISP and JTAG support. Windows 7 and other 64-bit OS support has also been added in v2.3.0. Slow target programming has been improved and various minor bugs have been corrected.
The associated DLL and command line software are also new in this version v2.3.0, which now includes multi-programmer support in DLL.

 Software Download Page for AVRUSB v2.3.0 and DLL v2.3.0 [new window]


PIC RJ11 interface

RJ11 Interface for PIC Programmers

Our Handheld and PIC programmers use a 6-way flying lead interface to target boards. We can now supply an RJ11 adapter that is compatible with Microchip ICD2 connector. This means you can use same interface in production and development.

 RJ11 Adapter for PIC Programmers [new window]



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