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DNP Blackfin Embedded VOIP Module with Linux

Kanda - DNP 5370 Embedded Module with Blackfin and VOIP, Single Board Computer

DNP Embedded Module with Blackfin and VOIP
The DIL/NetPC DNP-5370 provides a very compact Analog Devices BF537 32-bit Blackfin-based low power embedded controller with TCP/IP stack, embedded VoIP...

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DNP Embedded Blackfin and VOIP Module

The DIL-NetPC DNP-5370 VOIP Module is a single board computer (SBC) running Linux. It provides a very compact Analog Devices BF537 32-bit Blackfin-based low power embedded controller with TCP/IP stack, embedded VoIP (Voice-over IP) support, web server, Telnet server, TFTP client and FTP server for embedded networking with Ethernet and CAN connectivity in industrial and laboratory environments.

The VOIP Module includes an MMC card reader, and is now fitted with an 1GB card, giving more than 1GB Flash and 32MB SDRAM as standard. A uClinux operating system with many drivers is stored in the NOR flash memory. The NAND flash and the SD/MMC card are integrated into the Linux file system as drives.

The DNP-5370 with VOIP Module offers the footprint of a standard 64-pin DIL socket with 2.54 mm centers (0.1 inch pin grid) and all the hardware and software features which are necessary to add embedded networking capabilities to any product and system design. The DNP-5370 with VOIP Module was developed specifically for embedded gateway and data logger applications that need to be connected to 10/100 Mbps Ethernet-based TCP/IP networks with minimum development costs.

Hardware - VOIP Module

The DNP-5370 with VOIP Module comes as ready-to-run embedded networking system for Ethernet- and TCP/IP-based gateway applications. The use of the DNP-5370 VOIP Module will allow you to realize a substantial time and cost saving over other chip-based approaches. Currently, there is no other 32-bit embedded VOIP Module networking solution with pre-installed O/S, CAN, VoIP support, 10/100 Mbps Ethernet, full TCP/IP and more development time saving features on the market.
Application Diagram

Feature List - VOIP Module

  • Analog Devices BF537 32-bit Blackfin MCU with 600 MHz Clock Speed
  • 32 Mbyte 32-bit SDRAM Memory at 120 MHz Bus Speed
  • 3 Mbyte NOR FLASH Memory for O/S Boot Image
  • 8 Mbyte NAND FLASH Memory for O/S R/W Access
  • 1 x SD/MMC Card Slot with preinstalled 128 Mbyte MMC
  • 1 x 10/100 Mbps Ethernet LAN Interface
  • 1 x SSI (Synchronous Serial Interface) with I2S Support
  • 1 x TWI (Two-wire Interface) with I2C Support
  • 1 x CAN (Controller Area Network) 2.0b Interface
  • 2 x UART-based Serial Ports (one with all Handshakes)
  • 20-bit General Purpose high-speed Parallel Port Interface (PPI)
  • 8-bit I/O Expansion Bus
  • 3 Interrupt Inputs, 2 Chip Select Outputs
  • Programmable Watchdog Timer
  • 3 x LED for LAN Status and Traffic
  • JTAG IEEE 1149.1 Test Interface
  • In-System Programming Features
  • 64-pin JEDEC DIL-64 Connector, 2.54 mm Centers
  • 3.3 Volt Low Power Design, Supply Voltage 3.3 VDC (+- 5%)
  • Supply Current 350 mA typ. @ 600 MHz (600 mA max.)
  • 0 �C to +70 �C Operating Temperature
  • Size 82 mm * 29 mm
  • The VOIP Module comes with Preinstalled uClinux O/S with Kernel Version 2.6.16

Other Details - VOIP Module

To interface the DNP-5370 VOIP Module with existing devices and equipment, the DNP-5370 VOIP Module offers two asynchronous serial RS232C ports with TTL levels (COM1 with handshake signals, COM2 only TxD and RxD), one SSI (Synchronous Serial Interface) with I2S support, one TWI (Two-wire Interface) with I2C support, one CAN (Controller Area Network) 2.0b interface, one 10/100 Mbps Ethernet LAN interface, 20-bit general purpose high-speed parallel I/Os and an 8-bit extension bus with interrupt input and chip select outputs. There are two ways for DNP-5370 VOIP Module integration: 1. Adapt the DNP-5370 VOIP Module to your existing product. Use the existing I/Os within your product to communicate with the DNP-5370 VOIP Module. 2. Use the DNP-5370 VOIP Module to control and monitor the hardware of your existing product. This might enable you to replace your existing controller entirely. In a new product design, the DNP-5370 VOIP Module can be the main controller. Additional I/Os are driven by the 8-bit extension bus.

The on-board NOR and NAND FLASH memory provides storage for the DNP-5370 VOIP Module operating system with TCP/IP stack, embedded web server, and a web-based configuration interface as well as OEM applications and data. The NOR FLASH memory is in-system programmable over JTAG, serial and the Ethernet interface. The boot block of the NOR FLASH memory is only in-system programmable over the JTAG interface through a special cable attached to a PC parallel port. For all other FLASH blocks, you can also use a high-speed serial connection through the DNP-5370 VOIP Module COM1 port or the 10/100 Mbps Ethernet interface for in-system programming. The DNP/5370 VOIP Module in-system programming was developed for OEM application software, operating system downloads (i.e. upgrade the embedded Linux O/S), data download and to make it easy to update the on-board FLASH content in the field.

See SSV DIL/NetPC Embedded Modules with Linux Overview

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Ordering Information

Ordering Information Order Code: DNP-5370 Price: $172.00
Shipping to United States: Recorded airmail - $15.00 Fedex Express - $25.00

No Replacement

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