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Programmers-Burners » Hand Held Programmers » Adapters Connectors » AVRHHP-JTAG

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JTAG Adapter for AVR Handheld Programmer

Kanda - JTAG Adapter for AVR Handheld Programmer

JTAG Adapter for AVR Handheld Programmer
This adapter lets you use the JTAG programming algorithm with the Kanda AVR or AVR/ATxmega USB Handheld programmer, with software version v1.2.5 on.

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JTAG Programmer Adapter for AVR Handheld Programmer

This adapter lets you use the JTAG programming algorithm with the Kanda AVR USB Handheld programmer, with software version v1.2.5 on.
If you want to make your own adapter, see below for link to pinout diagrams for the JTAG Programmer.

JTAG programming works with newer AVR ATmega microntrollers with 40-pins or more and is faster than serial programming. With this adapter one AVR Handheld programmer can do both ISP and JTAG programming.

Some ATxmega devices have a JTAG interface as well as normal PDI interface. This adapter can be used to program these microcontrollers through JTAG interface. JTAG needs JTAGEN fuse to be enabled and is slower than PDI.

ATxmega programming is only available on X Handheld programmer version (HH0120X, HH0110X,HH0810X, HH0820X).

Features - JTAG Programming

As this is an add-on to the hand held AVR programmer, you get the best of both worlds. The existing serial programming (ISP) still works for AVR microcontrollers without JTAG or boards without the JTAG interface.
But for new boards, especially if the development has used the JTAG programmer interface, you get a seamless transition to production - and much faster programming speeds.
To swap between modes, you just need to connect the adapter to the programmer and choose JTAG in the new software. To swap back, remove the adapter and unselect JTAG.

Typical Speeds - JTAG Programmer
Serial JTAG
ATmega128 Program 27s 14s
ATmega128 Program and verify 49s 25s
ATmega2561 Program 50s 38s
ATmega2561 Program and verify 134s 109s

Device support - JTAG Programmer

All AVR ATmega devices with JTAG interface. That is devices with 40-pins or more.
ON X version, all ATxmega microcontrollers with JTAG interface The JTAG Programmer supports voltages down to 1.8V, so all low voltage variants are covered.
AVR Support
  • ATmega32
  • ATmega16
  • ATmega64
  • ATmega128
  • ATmega162
  • ATmega169
  • ATmega165
  • ATmega325
  • ATmega3250
  • ATmega645
  • ATmega6450
  • AT90CAN128
  • AT90CAN32
  • AT90CAN64
  • ATmega329
  • ATmega3290
  • ATmega649
  • ATmega6490
  • ATmega640
  • ATmega1280
  • ATmega1281
  • ATmega1284
  • ATmega2560
  • ATmega2561
  • ATmega164
  • ATmega324
  • ATmega644
  • AT90USB646
  • AT90USB1286

ATxmega Support (X version only)
All ATxmegaxxA devices, ATxmega64B1/B3, ATxmega128B1/B3

Support for new devices will be added as they are released and free upgrades will be available for the JTAG Programmer. All A, P, PA and other variants are supported.
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See JTAG Pinout diagrams for Handheld Programmer

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Ordering Information

Ordering Information Order Code: AVRHHP-JTAG Price: $12.00
Shipping to United States: Recorded airmail - $15.00 Fedex Express - $25.00


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