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SAM D 8-way Starter Kit

Atmel ARM SAMD 8-way handheld programmer for Atmel SAM D microcontrollers
  • Standalone SAMD 8-way programmer
  • Includes USB loader
  • Battery powered, or with optional power supply
  • SWD programming
  • One button press to program target
Shipping to United States
Recorded Airmail: $9.75
Express: $19.00
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Price: $199.00
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Atmel ARM SAMD 8-way Handheld Programmer Starter Kit

Atmel SAM D series use Cortex-M0 ARM core and are becoming increasingly popular. Kanda SAM programmer makes it simple to program these devices in production or to do firmware updates.

Main Features

  • Battery powered with 9V PP3 battery or can be used with 9V power supply
  • Includes USB loader
  • Stores up to 8 different programs, selected by rotary switch
  • Each slot has 512KB of storage space for target code and User Row
  • Single button press to program target SAMD microcontroller
  • SWD programming interface
  • Load your code into programmer code using PC Software and USB dongle
  • You can reload new programs as often as required
  • Once loaded, it holds program code indefinitely
  • Supports all Fuses and Lock bits, including edit fuses on screen or load userPage file
  • Can program target from 1.63V - 3.63V, depending on target voltage range.
  • Can power target microcontroller (up to 150mA) or target can be powered
  • All settings (User Row, filenames etc) can be saved to a file for easy distribution of setup
  • Error indication with red/green LED
  • Dimensions: Imperial - 4.5 x 2.5 x 1 inches
  • Dimensions: Metric- 106mm x 58mm x 25mm
  • Includes flying lead adapter
  • Load Atmel Studio User Page files
  • Other programming adapters available
  • Limited number of programs allowed feature

Windows OS

The USB loader in Windows 2000, XP, Vista, Win7, Win8 and Win10, 32 and 64-bit versions.

SAM D Microcontroller Support

  • SAMD09C13A
  • SAMD09C14A
  • SAMD10C13A
  • SAMD10C13ASS
  • SAMD10C14A
  • SAMD10C14ASS
  • SAMD10C14U
  • SAMD10D13AM
  • SAMD10D14AM
  • SAMD11C14A
  • SAMD11D14AM
  • SAMD11D14AU
  • SAMD11D14SS
  • SAMD20E14A
  • SAMD20E15A
  • SAMD20E16A
  • SAMD20E17A
  • SAMD20E17U
  • SAMD20E18A
  • SAMD20E18U
  • SAMD20G14A
  • SAMD20G15A
  • SAMD20G16A
  • SAMD20G17A
  • SAMD20G18A
  • SAMD20J14A
  • SAMD20J15A
  • SAMD20J16A
  • SAMD20J17A
  • SAMD20J18A
  • SAMD20J18C
  • SAMD21E15A
  • SAMD21E16A
  • SAMD21E17A
  • SAMD21E18A
  • SAMD21G15A
  • SAMD21G16A
  • SAMD21G17A
  • SAMD21G18A
  • SAMD21J15A
  • SAMD21J16A
  • SAMD21J17A
  • SAMD21J18A


  • SAMD 8-way Handheld Programmer
  • USB loader dongle
  • 10-way Programming lead
  • 10 to 6-way flying lead adapter
  • Free software downloads including all updates



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Ordering Information

Ordering Information Order Code: SAM-HH0810 Price: $199.00
Shipping to United States: Recorded airmail - $9.75 Express price - $19.00


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