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FPGA Development Boards and FPGA Blasters or Programmers

All you need to get going with FPGA devices. A FPGA development board, VHDL compiler, FPGA design tutorials, simulation tools and USB programmer in one FPGA starter kit. Ideal for FPGA design, developent and training from FPGA basics to full embedded design.

Popular Products

Altera USB Blaster
USB Blaster Picture

For all Altera FPGA programming

XILINX USB Platform Picture

For all Xylinx FPGA programming

Altera Cyclone Development Kit
FPGA Development Kit Picture

For all Xylinx FPGA programming

FPGA Development Kit

The FPGA evaluation kit uses Altera Cylcone II EP2C8Q208C8 FPGA (8250 LE) and includes schematic entry and VHDL compiler, with a complete FPGA board and FPGA programmer.

Kit contents
  • Main board with keys, switches, LEDs and Display
  • FPGA Programmer is QB-Altera USB Blaster compatible programmer
  • Software CD with Quartus II web edition Development Environment, datasheets and manual
Altera FPGA Programmer

USB Blaster cable that replaces older parallel port BitBlaster cable. Fully compatible with Altera USB Blaster and Quartus II software. This downloader is available for Windows 2000, Windows XP, and Linux systems and also supports Quartus II Programmer and Quartus II SignalTap II Logic Analyzer.

USBBlaster Features
  • 1.8, 2.5, 3.3 and 5V systems supported
  • Supports SignalTap II logic analysis capability
  • Supports active serial configuration mode for EPCS serial configuration devices
  • Fully Supports JTAG mode
  • Fully Supports Passive Serial mode
  • Fully compatible with Quartus II software for Windows and Linux
  • 10-pin Male header

Xilinx FPGA Platform
This USB downloader is perfectly compatible with Xilinx Platform Cable USB, suitable for use in programming and configuration of Xilinx devices using ISE software, version 6.3.03i for the Windows operating system or 7.1i for the Linux operating system or later. The downloader is available for Windows 2000, Windows XP, and Linux systems.

USB Platform Features
  • True plug-and-play
  • Bus-powered USB device (no power supply required)
  • Selectable target clock frequency up to 24 MHz
  • Compatible with Full-Speed and Hi-Speed USB ports
  • Firmware downloadable over cable
  • Target power status LED
  • CE and FCC compliant
  • Compatible with target voltages in the range of +1.5 VDC to +3.3 VDC
  • iMPACT and ChipScope™ tool support in ISE® software v6.3.03i (Windows only)
  • Linux support in ISE software v7.1i
  • Supports Boundary Scan and Slave-Serial configuration modes

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