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PC Interfaces

A range of interfaces to connect your PC to networks, RS232, RS422 and RS485, Internet, Ethernet, Bluetooth and ZigBee wireless, CAN and USB. Also includes I/O managers, leads and cards for PC interfacing.

Sub-categories available in

PC Interfaces

Products in this category

RS232 to RS422-485 Converter

category picture
Serial Converter RS232 to RS422 or RS485
The LTC100 is a high performance signal converter between RS-232 and RS-422/485 which operates with or without external power source. It supports both half duplex 2-wire RS-485 and full duplex 4-wi
Order Code
Price: $59.00

Mini USB Cable

category picture
Mini USB Lead
2m (6 ft 6in) USB cable with USB A to Mini USB connectors. Note Mini USB is thicker than Micro USB connector
Order Code
Price: $1.95

Serial I/O Manager

category picture
Serial I/O Manager
Remote I/O Manager with Serial Port (RS232) interface, design to connect to Sena Serial Device Server or PC COM Port. Includes 12 Digital Inputs, 4 10-bit ADC Inputs and 10 Relay outputs
Order Code
Price: $249.00

PC PCI Bus LPT and Serial Port Card

category picture
PCI 2 Serial + 1 LPT Controller Card
Fits new desktop PCs without parallel or serial ports. PCI to 2 Serial ports & 1 Parallel port controller card ...
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Price: $48.00

Serial Expansion Cable

category picture
Serial Expansion Cable
A 2.5 m Serial Extension Cable, with 9-way male and 9-way female connectors. Colour may vary.
Order Code
Price: $6.00

Parallel Lead 25-way Male to 25-way Male

category picture
Parallel Lead - Male to Male
2m (6.5 feet) Parallel lead with 25-way male connectors on each end. Plugs into standard PC printer ports.
Order Code
Price: $4.80

Parallel Lead 25-way Male to 25-way Female

category picture
Parallel Lead - Male to Female
1.8m (6 feet) double screened Parallel lead with 25-way male connector on one end and 25-way female connection on other end. Plugs into standard PC printer ports.
Order Code
Price: $10.00

PC Datalink Cable

category picture
PC Data Link
Fast and simple USB cable for Data transfer between PCs (or Macs) with easy to use software. No more need to ...
Order Code
Price: $29.40

Kanda make it easy to connect your PC to different networks. Network types covered in this category include simple interfaces like RS232 and USB, more advanced network types like Ethernet, Bluetooth and CAN plus wireless protocols such as Bluetooth wireless.

Sub-categories in PC interfaces include
  • Terminal servers: Single and Multi-Port serial device servers and serialto Ehernet adapters
  • CAN Interfaces: Adapters for USB to CAN and RS232 to CAN bus
  • USB Interfaces: USB to serial, USB to RS422 and RS485, intelligent and full speed USB (480 mbps)
  • Bluetooth Wireless: USB to Bluetooth, serial to Bluetooth, long range Bluetooth wireless adapters
  • Waveshare LCDs: 3.5 inch to 10 inch LCD units for connection to PCs, Raspberry PI and Arduino systems
  • Waveshare Cameras: Camera modules with different interfaces, form factors and field of view


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