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AVR ISP Programmers for AVRStudio Development

Kanda supply a whole range of AVR programmers for development. These units can be run from AVRStudio 4, 5 and Atmel Studio 6 and 7 and some include support for Xmega and on-chip debug features using JTAG and DebugWire. Most are also available bundled with STK200X and STK300 AVR boards or Xmega boards.

AVRISP and ICE Comparison Table

  avrisp-u avr programmer jtagice MKII avr programmer and ICE avrisp-mkII avr programmer avr ice avr programmer and avr ice
Standalone GUI Yes No No No
Atmel Studio Yes Yes Yes Yes
JTAG No Yes No Yes
ATxmega No No Yes (PDI) Yes (JTAG)
Power Target Yes No No No
ICE No Yes (JTAG) No Yes (JTAG/DebugWire)
Cased Yes Yes Yes No
Old AT90S Some No No No
Target Interface 6 and 10-way 10-way 6-way 6 and 10-way
AVR Support All Limited All All

AVR Training and AVR Boards

These AVR ISPs and ICE units are also available as kits with our AVR boards,
  • STK200 for 8, 20, 28 and 40-pin AVR microcontrollers
  • STK300 for 64-pin TQFP AVR microcontrollers
  • Xmega Kits for 100-pin ATxmega microcontrollers
All Kanda AVR kits come with sample code, schematics, documentation and books to get you started with AVR microcontrollers. They are widely used in colleges and universities across the world to teach AVR programming from scratch, in assembler and C code.

STK300 ATmega128 AVR Starter Kit with AVR ICE

AVR Programmer
USB STK300 ATmega128 AVR Starter Kit with AVR ICE
The STK300 AVR board designed by Kanda for Atmel has always been extremely popular and now Kanda have updated and improved this ATMega 64-pin TQFP AVR board and included a USB ICE
Order Code
Price: $159.00

USB STK300 AVR Starter Kit

AVR Programmer
USB Version of STK300 AVR Starter Kit
The STK300 is a starter kit with a USB programmer, designed for ATmega128 and other mounted 64-pin TQFP AVR microcontrollers...
Order Code
Price: $95.00

AVR Xmega Board and AVRISP-MKII

AVR Programmer
AVR Xmega Development Board and Programmer
This Xmega development kit is ideal for getting started with the AVR Xmega microcontroller. It includes a Xmega board and AVRISP MKII programmer. The board includes a mounted 100-pin ATxmega128A1
Order Code
Price: $149.00

New USB STK200 AVR Kit

AVR Programmer
STK200-X AVR Starter Kit
Everything you need to learn how to program AVR microcontrollers in assembly language and C. New STK200-X board with USB serial port built-in, USB programmer, tutorials....
Order Code
Price: $75.00

Atmel ICE Starter Kit

AVR Programmer
New STK200-X AVR Board with Atmel ICE
Learn microcontroller programming from scratch. This kit is ideal for beginners but includes everything you need to go on to develop your own projects.
Order Code
Price: $149.00

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