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Starter Kits » AVR XMEGA Starter Kits » AVR-XMEGA-KIT

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AVR Xmega Board and AVRISP-MKII

Kanda - AVR Xmega board with AVRISP-MKII Programmer, Software and Sample Code.

AVR Xmega Development Board and Programmer
This Xmega development kit is ideal for getting started with the AVR Xmega microcontroller. It includes a Xmega board and AVRISP MKII programmer. The board includes a mounted 100-pin ATxmega128A1

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AVR Xmega Development Board and Programmer

This development kit is ideal for getting started with the AVR Xmega microcontroller as it includes everything you need to explore all the amazing features of the AVR Xmega family. This Kanda Xmega kit has documentation in English unlike most Xmega boards available and the CD is clearly set out and includes instructions, software, schematics and C code projects for all the peripherals.

As well as the Xmega board, the kit includes an AVRISP MKII programmer so you can have the board running immediately. The board includes a mounted 100-pin ATxmega128A1 with all the pins brought out to headers for easy connection plus a wide range of useful peripherals including USB, SDRAM, LCD interface, SD card, IRDA and many more.

AVR Xmega Kit Contents

  • AVR ISP MKII programmer
  • AVR Xmega Board
  • Mounted 100-pin ATxmega128A1 microcontroller
  • Range of crystals for on-board crystal socket
  • Pack of leads, multicoloured for connecting your own circuits to board
  • Spare jumpers
  • USB lead
  • USB power lead
  • Serial cable
  • CD with software, C projects and documentation

AVR Xmega Board Description

Kanda AVR Xmega Board Picture

  • Mounted 100-pin ATxmega128A1
  • All 100 pins brought out to pin headers
  • Xmega Interfaces
    • Two DB9 serial port connectors with MAX2323 RS232 chip
    • FT232 UART to USB chip and mini-USB connector
    • 64 MB SDRAM using Xmega EBI interface
    • 4 KB F-RAM for non-volatile data storage
  • Other Interfaces
    • SD card slot, with SPI connection
    • Infra-red Module using AVR Xmega IRDA controller
    • 128 x 64 character LCD interface, parallel and SPI connections
    • Passive buzzer connected to PWM output for produce music output
  • ADC and HMI Interfaces
    • ADC connected to photo-resistor for light level sensing
    • ADC connected to adjustable resistor
    • ADC connected to thermal resistor for temperature sensing
    • 4 LEDs
    • 3 push button switches and joystick
  • Other Xmega board resources
    • Crystal base for the range of crystals supplied, link to Xmega PLL
    • Atmel standard 10-way box header for JTAG programmer or ICE
    • Atmel standard 6-pin box header for PDI programmer

CD Contents

The Kanda CD is clear and contains no chinese datasheets or instructions.
  • Software
    • AVRStudio v4.19 (AVRStudio 6 is available for free download)
    • WinAVR C Compiler, integrates into AVRStudio
    • ICCAVR C compiler (45 day demo)
    • IAR Embedded Workbench Kickstart version (size or time limited) download
  • Sample Programs
    • WinAVR project examples for all peripherals
    • IAR project examples
  • Other Documents
    • AVR Xmega Datasheets
    • AVR Xmega Application Notes
    • Board Schematics (images and Protel schematics)

AVR Xmega boards are available elsewhere but none have a CD designed for clarity and an English speaking audience.

AVRISP MKII Programmer

The AVRISP MKII programmer runs from AVRStudio development environment and supports all AVR microcontrollers including ATxmega, ATmega and ATtiny devices, using serial programming, TDI interface (for 6-pin ATtiny microcontrollers) and PDI interface for ATxmega.

It supports all programming operations, including erase, program, verify and read of all areas including flash, EEPROM, fuses and lock bits.

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Ordering Information

Ordering Information Order Code: AVR-XMEGA-KIT Price: $149.00
Shipping to United States: Recorded airmail - $15.00 Fedex Express - $25.00

No Replacement

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