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AVR ISP Programmers

In-System Programmers (AVR ISP) for AVR microcontrollers, including AT90, ATtiny and ATmega microcontrollers. AVR USB and AVR ISP MKII

USB AVR ISP In System Programmer

Product Picture
Low cost USB port AVR ISP
The low cost AVRISP-U has its own software or can be run from Studio. It can power target and now has stronger drive to program difficult ISP circuits...
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Price: $39.00

AVR ISP MKII Programmer (ISP, Xmega, TDI)

Product Picture
AVRISP MKII Programmer
Low cost programmer for programming all ATtiny, ATmega and ATXmega microcontrollers using in system programming from Studio development environment...
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Price: $46.00

USB AVR Programmer with JTAG

Product Picture
USB AVR Programmer with JTAG
In System Programmer with ISP and JTAG interfaces. Packed with extra features for ATtiny, AT90S and ATmega AVR microcontrollers. Includes command line and DLL software...
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Price: $149.00

JTAG Adapter for AVRUSB Programmer

Product Picture
This adapter lets you use the JTAG programming algorithm with the Kanda AVR USB programmer.
JTAG programming works with newer AVR ATmega microntrollers with 40-pins or more and is much faster...
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Price: $12.00

Parallel Port AVR ISP Programmer

Product Picture
In System Programmer - Parallel Port (AVR ISP)
The original AVRISP, now improved In System Programmer with support for all ATtiny, AT90S and ATmega microcontrollers, plus all Windows Operating Systems. Low cost parallel...
Order Code
Price: $23.00


Product Picture
Professional AVR Serial Port Programmer
A full function AVR In System Programmer - AVR ISP - for all AT90S, ATtiny and ATmega AVR flash microcontrollers. The PC interface AVR dongle is compact and gives a choice of Serial or Parallel
Order Code
Price: $49.00

Kanda developed the first AVR ISP in 1995 and have been supporting AVR microcontroller programmers ever since. Our AVR ISP includes PC based units in this category and standalone programmers in our AVR handheld programmer category.

As well as standard AVR ISP interface, our AVR programmers now support all the other new protocols like JTAG, TPI, PDI and UPDI on all AVR and ATxmega microcontrollers.

Most of our AVR ISP have their own comprehensive PC programming software but can be added to Atmel and Microchip Studio if you prefer. AVRISP MKII only runs from Studio.


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