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USB to Serial Adapters

USB to Serial Adapter and Converter for high speed USB interfaces available at Kanda. This USB to Serial Converter results in an effective USB to RS232-RS422-RS485 converter.

USB to RS232, TTL and RS485 Converter

Product Picture
Industrial USB to RS232, RS485 and TTL Converter
This is an industrial USB to RS232/485/TTL isolated converter. It has embedded protection circuits such as power isolation, ADI magnetic isolation and TVS diode. Supplied in aluminium case.
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Price: $22.99

Programmable USB to Serial Converter

Product Picture
Intelligent USB to RS232 Cable
USB to RS232 converter cable with free drivers for Windows and Linux. Unlike other serial to USB cables, it can be used with Direct Drivers as well as appearing as a Virtual Serial Port...
Order Code
Price: $42.00

Isolated USB Serial Adapter

Product Picture
USB to RS232 Conversion Cable
with 5�kVolt galvanic isolation

UCAB232i is a USB to RS232 converter with 5�kVolt galvanic isolation. It is based on the FT232R chip by FTDI...
Order Code
Price: $100.00

USB to RS232-RS422-RS485 Adapter

Product Picture
USB to RS232,RS422 and RS485 Adapter
Connect RS422 or RS485 networks directly to a USB port on your PC, Mac, or mobile device, giving high speed communications of up to 921.6 Kbps, over distances of more than 1Km.
Order Code
Price: $51.00

High Speed Serial to USB Adapter

Product Picture
High Speed Serial to USB Adapter
Super fast, up to 921.6 Kbps, USB to RS232 serial converter, with support for most PC, Mac and mobile devices.
Order Code
Price: $21.00

Quick USB Starter Kit

Product Picture
QuickUSB with an Altera Cyclone II FPGA
If you want the QuickUSB advantage integrated with an amazing FPGA, then the QuickUSB Starter Kit is what you need.
The QuickUSB Starter Kit includes...
Order Code
Price: $495.00

USB to Serial Converter Cable

Product Picture
USB to Serial Convertor
Plug in USB to serial convertor that allows products with serial port interface to be connected to PCs without serial ports, such as newer laptops.
Order Code
Price: $12.00

USB Cable

Product Picture
USB Cable
1.8m USB cable, A to B. This cable is for connection from PC (A connection) to USB Hub or USB devices with USB B connection(B connection). It is also compatable with Kanda USB port programmers.
Order Code
Price: $4.00


Product Picture
Add USB ports to your PC.
2 USB Ports on a standard PCI card, just plug into your PC slot and play.
Order Code
Price: $17.70

Active USB Extension Cable

Product Picture
USB Active Extension Cable
16 feet (5m) USB Extension cable for USB devices. It provides A to A connection. This product is 100% compatible with USB electrical timing specifications.
Order Code
Price: $39.40

Quick USB Module Adapter Board

Product Picture
Quick USB Adapter Board
A break-out board for the QuickUSB Plug-In module. Converts the high-density 80-pin conector to two (2) 40-pin 0.1" headers AND two (2) DB-9S RS-232 connectors...
Order Code
Price: $79.00

Quick USB Altera Santa Cruz Adapter

Product Picture
QuickUSB Santa Cruz Adapter

This nifty little adapter converts the Altera Santa Cruz headers (also called expansion or prototype headers) found on nearly every Altera Development Kit into a QuickUSB module socket.

Order Code
Price: $129.00

Quick USB Module Connector Kit

Product Picture
Quick USB Connector Kit
This kit includes all the hardware you need to plug your QuickUSB Plug-In module into your board.
Order Code
Price: $6.95

Quick USB Customizer

Product Picture
QuickUSB Customizer
With the QuickUSB Customizer(TM), you can tailor the QuickUSB Module or Chip Pack to give your product that custom developed look and feel.
They'll never know it's QuickUSB...
Order Code
Price: $995.00

Serial to USB converters

We stock everything from simple serial to USB cables to sophisticated FPGA modules for serial port to USB conversion. There are lots of products out there with serial port interfaces but PCs rarely support RS232 nowadays. It is often easier (and cheaper) to create new applications with a serial port and use an external adapter for PC connection. We also have products to support other serial port profiles such as RS422 and RS485.

We have simple cables that appear as Virtual COM Ports as well as more advanced serial to USB converters that include DLL packages to give you more control in your own software. This is useful for more advanced applications or to fit with an existing software profile. They can support data transfer at up to 500 Kbaud, with software (XON/XOFF) or hardware flow control and programmable VID/PID for your own application.

The QuickUSB modules are much more advanced units that implement Hi-speed USB (480 Mbps) for rapid data transfer. They come with complete driver packages and libraries to integrate them into your own job. Our customers for these units include CERN, the European Large Hadron Collider, other Nuclear research labs and lots of astronomical observatories who deal with vast amounts of dat. Universities and research students commonly apply QuickUSB to experimental control. They are also used in the commercial sector in products for testing tanks and pipelines, 3D laser profiling and many other applications. QuickUSB can also be integrated with an FPGA for complete control of experimental data or similar projects and starter kits are available with an Altera Cyclone II FPGA and integrated QuickUSB unit. The FPGA can be setup in the free Quartus II Web software and programmed via the USB module. The starter kit also has JTAG for debugging your setup.


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