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Kanda - WEEE Policy

Kanda comply with the Waste Electical and Electronic Equipment Regulations (WEEE) and RoHS2. We have a WEEE producer registration number - GB WEE/BA0198VR

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WEEE Policy

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The EU Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Regulations (WEEE) were introduced into the UK on the 1st July 2007. This was almost two years after the regulations were meant to be in place. We now have to conform to these regulations. This means that we have registered with the Environment Agency and have joined a Producer Compliance Scheme.

Our WEEE Registration Number is GB WEE/BA0198VR

We also comply with all the requirements of RoHS2 (lead free) and EMC regulations.

All our products are CE marked.

All our products also conform with FCC Regulations and China RoHS.

What do these regulations mean?

If you are outside of the European Union (EU) then these regulations do not concern you and you can ignore the rest of this page.
The WEEE regulations have introduced rules for the effective reuse, recycling and environmentally safe disposal of all electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE). They cover just about every product that uses electricity, including battery operated products. However, devices and components, such as modules, are not classified as WEEE as the regulations assume they will be used in other products that will be classed as WEEE. Two types of WEEE have been defined:
  • New WEEE: Products put on the market after August 2005. These products should be marked with the crossed out Wheelie Bin symbol, shown below. All Kanda products have been marked with this symbol since August 2005.
    Wheelie Bin symbol
  • Historical WEEE: Products put on the market before August 2005.

Both types of WEEE should be disposed of separately from the general waste stream.
There are different rules for Business users and Consumers (household customers). Household customers are allowed to dispose of WEEE through their local Civic Amenity or Recycling centre without charge but businesses must pay an approved contractor to dispose of their WEEE.

Kanda WEEE Policy for Business Customers: New WEEE

Under the regulations, producers (that's us) can transfer the WEEE obligation to the business end user (that's you) by agreement. Kanda have decided to offer our customers a choice for new WEEE, which is Kanda products purchased after August 2005:
1) You can dispose of the product yourself or
2) Return the product to us at your cost and we will dispose of it properly at our cost

Note: This does not include devices, modules and other components, which are not classed as WEEE, and are the responsibily of the end user.

Kanda WEEE Policy for Business Customers: Historical WEEE

Under the regulations, buyers of new products can ask for historic WEEE that fulfils the same function as the new equipment to be disposed of by the seller of the new WEEE. Again, this is by agreement between the parties.
Kanda have decided to offer the following solutions for historical WEEE:
1) Dispose of historic WEEE yourself
2) When you purchase a new Kanda product, return the replaced equipment to us at your cost, and we will dispose of it properly at our cost.
  • We will accept historic WEEE on a one for one basis with new product sales only.
  • The replaced product must fulfil the same function as the new replacement product. This means that, for example, we will accept an ISP from any manufacturer if you buy a new ISP. It does NOT mean we will accept anything else, such as computers or other electronic items. If inappropriate WEEE is sent to us, we reserve the right to charge our incurred disposal costs to the sender
  • Proper disposal of Kanda products purchased before August 2005 is the responsibility of the customer, unless a replacement is purchased from us.

Returning WEEE to us

All Kanda products, except components and devices, purchased after August 2005 can be returned to us for disposal. If you purchase a new product, you can return the product that is being replaced to us. If it weighs more than 2Kg, or you need advice on what historical WEEE can be returned, then please contact us.

The return address is:

WEEE Return
Kanda Embedded Results
SY23 4AY

Household (Consumer) Customers

If you are not a business customer, then you can dispose of WEEE at a consumer recycling centre, free of charge. Do not dispose of WEEE in your general household waste as it should be properly recycled.

Proper Disposal of Kanda Products

All products manufactured by Kanda are designed to be as recyclable as possible. Where reuse is an option, this should be considered first.
  • Storage cases are 100% recyclable plastic (Polypropylene PP 5)
  • All cases and enclosures are single recyclable plastic (ABS 7)
  • All components, including cases and leads, are RoHS compliant
  • No hazardous WEEE is included in any of our products

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