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Serial Device Servers

Serial to Ethernet converters also called serial device servers that convert existing serial port devices to network solutions or provide Web access. The three ranges of Sena serial severs available allow you to choose the best product for your application.

Popular Products

Serial Device Server
Sena LS100 serial device server picture

Sena serial to Ethernet converter. Connect serial port products to your network

PS110 Device Server
Sena PS110 serial device server picture

Sena serial to Ethernet converter. Connect serial port products to your network

Serial Device Servers Application Diagram

Download Overview - 116KB (PDF file)

Main Features
There are three main families of Serial Device Servers:
  • Lite Series
  • Pro Series
  • Super Series
All the Serial Device Server families have the following features as standard:
  • Hello Device management software
  • power supply
  • serial cable
  • 5 year warrenty
  • Full FCC and other approvals
  • Rugged boxes with Diagnostic LEDs
  • static and dynamic IP addresses
  • user ID and password security
  • variable Baud rates (1200bps to 115Kbps)
  • Male DB9 serial connector for RS232
  • 10Base-T Ethernet via RJ45
  • reliable TCP/IP stack
  • ARM, IP/ICMP, TCP and BOOTP/DHCP protocols
And each series have extra benefits to give you a cost effective solution for your particular job.

Lite Series Serial Device Servers
  • Very low cost
  • Setup via Serial console or Telnet
  • PPPoE for Broadband/DSL connections
Lite Series-LS100

Pro Series Serial Ethernet Converters
  • Setup via Web, Serial console/Telnet
  • TCP client, server or both
  • RS232 plus RS422/RS485
  • Editable firmware
  • Protocols: ARP, IP/ICMP, TCP, UDP, Telnet/SSH, DNS, Dynamic DNS, HTTP, SMTP, DHCP, SNMP v1 & v2, SSL
  • SSH, SSL, IP address filtering, HTTPS
Multiple serial port versions: Super Series Device Servers

All the features of the Pro Series and:
  • 16 port version
  • STS versions have PCMCIA Slot
  • STS versions are RS232 only
Comm Port Redirector

All serial device servers now come with a full version of Tactical's Comm Port redirector software that lets you assign a virtual Comm Port to an IP Address. So existing serial port software can write to a networked device as though it was a Comm Port.

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