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PC Interfaces » Terminal Servers » Single Port Terminal Servers » SS100

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SS100 Serial Terminal Server

Kanda - SS100 Serial Terminal Server
  • Connects RS232/422/485 serial devices to 10/100Base-T network.
  • Powerful security- SSL, RC4 and 3DES, system & port logging
  • Configuration via Web, Telnet/SSH or console
  • Supports Dynamic DNS protocol for DSL connection to broadband Internet
  • Easy-To-Use customization support: User space, Library and Scripts (network/port access)
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Super Series Terminal Server

A Serial Terminal Server or Serial to Ethernet converter for connecting products with serial ports to an Ethernet network using the best Security and data transfer rates. The Super Series Serial Device Server has SSL data encyption, supports HTTP, FTP and SMTP, with 10 and 100Base-T Ethernet network connections and 230 Kbps serial data rates.
There are several ranges of Serial Terminal Servers available, which have different features shown here.

Compare Sena Terminal Server Range

The unique features of the Super series Serial to Ethernet converters are:
  • SSL data encryption
  • HTTP, FTP and SMTP protocol
  • 10Base-T and 100Base-T network interfaces
  • 230Kbps serial transfer rate
  • 1, 4 and 8 port options

Main Features - SS100 Terminal Server

  • Connects legacy serial port devices to 10/100Base Ethernet network
  • Includes Virtual COM Port redirector - see below
  • Supports RS232/422/485 based serial devices via its DB9(SS100), RJ45 (SS400/800) serial port
  • Serial data transfer rate up to 230Kbps
  • Supports Dynamic DNS and PPPoE protocols for broadband network access
  • Supports standard encryption method, SSL(Secure Socket Layer)
    An example program for Windows and Linux can be downloaded here.
  • Configuration via web, telnet or serial port
  • Management software for configuration and administration
  • Free Unix TTY redirector software version
  • Supports static and dynamic IP address
  • Protocols: ARP, IP/ICMP, TCP, UDP, Telnet, DNS, Dynamic DNS, HTTP, SMTP, DHCP client, PPPoE, SNMP v1&v2
  • Supports RS232/422/485 based serial devices via DB9 serial port
  • Serial data transfer rate up to 230Kbps
  • Flow Control: Hardware RTS/CTS
  • Signals: RS232: Rx, Tx, RTS, CTS, DTR, DSR, GND +RS422/485 signals
  • Reliable TCP/IP protocol stack
  • PPPoE protocol for DSL connection to broadband network
  • User ID & Password, IP address filtering, Data Encryption: SSL
  • PCMCIA: ATA storage card, 802.11b Wireless LAN card, Modem card (SS400 and SS800 only)
  • Supply voltage = 5VDC
  • Supply current = 1A (SS100), 1.5A (SS400/800)
  • Includes Surge Protection

Contents - SS100 Serial Terminal Server

  • SS100 Serial Terminal Server
  • Quick start guide
  • CD-ROM with Management software and Comm Port Redirector
  • External 110V or 230V power supply
  • Serial data cable
  • Mounting kit

Virtual COM Port Redirector

The SS100 Serial To Ethernet Box comes with a full version of Tactical Serial/IP Redirector software. This creates virtual COM ports so that your applications can immediately use a networked device/terminal server's serial ports as if they were local serial ports. This significantly reduces development time. For a quick overview, download Virtual COM Port Redirector (150KB) or for a full guide download Virtual COM Port Redirector User Guide (1MB)

Embedded Linux System Details

File System

  • Bash : OS shell command
  • busybox : Linux normal command utility collection
  • shadow : User/Password management utility
  • telnet : Telnet client program
  • ftp : FTP client program
  • SCP : Secure file transfer client program
  • iptables : Firewall service manager

Extra Security Utilities
  • ss.apply, ss.filter, ss.portmenu, ss.channel, ss.logger, ss.save, ss.configuration_manager, ss.port, ss.tcp, ss.modemmenu, ss.server_lock, ss.connect, ss.nfs_mount, ss.edit, ss.port_factory_default, port[number]_reset

  • snmpd : snmpd agent daemon
  • telnetd : Telnet server daemon
  • inetd : TCP server manager program
  • goahead : Web server daemon
  • sshd : Secure shell server

Tool Chain
  • Gcc ( V2.95.3 ) : C/C++ PC Cross Compier
  • GDB ( V5.0.0 ) : Source Level Debug Server
  • Glibc ( V2.2.3 ) : POSIX standard

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Ordering Information

Ordering Information Order Code: SS100 Price: $299.00
Shipping to United States: Recorded airmail - $18.50 Fedex Express - $28.00

No Replacement

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