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About Sena

Sena are long established experts in supplying remote access products for all kinds of industrial, retail and commercial applications. For high quality products, easy to use software and excellent technical support, Sena are the market leaders.

Popular Products

USB Bluetooth Adapter
Sena SD1000U USB Bluetooth adapter picture

Sena USB to Bluetooth converter. With various antenna and battery options

Serial Device Server
Sena LS100 serial device server picture

Sena serial to Ethernet converter. Connect serial port products to your network

  • The Company identity and core business
    Sena Technologies provide device networking solutions that connect almost any electronic device and equipment to the Internet or Ethernet networks using open standard protocols. Sena are also expects in both Bluetooth and ZigBee wireless connectivity.

    Sena offers highly scalable and affordable end-to-end products that provide out-of-box installation functionality to meet the industry needs of rapid time-to-market under constantly evolving network and communication environments.
  • Target Industry
    Sena products range from embedded boards or modules to complete ready to go solutions for a broad range of applications across a variety of industries, including industrial and office automation, retail and POS (Point of Sales) applications, access control and security systems and console management of network and telecom equipment.

  • Product Lines
    Sena's major product lines are:
    • Serial Device Servers
    • Embedded Network Connectivity Boards and Modules
    • ZigBee wireless modules and adapters
    • Bluetooth wireless converters and modules
    • Serial Connectivity for RS232, RS422 and RS485
    • Versatile Terminal Server for remote management of network & Telco equipments
  • Customer Benefits
    Sena's device communication hardware and multiple device management software benefits customers. Manufacturers can easily network or wireless enable their products to maximize the value and to minimize the time-to-market of products. Device users and system integrators can easily connect their devices to the open network to allow them to be remotely monitored, controlled and managed in a timely and cost-effective manner.

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