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CAN to USB interface

Kanda are authorized distributors for Lawical canusb can232 logo CAN USB and CAN232.

CAN232 RS232 CAN Adapter

Product Picture
RS232 to CAN Converter
CAN232 is dongle that plugs into any PC COM Port, or RS232 port in embedded systems, and gives an instant CAN gateway. This means it can be treated by software as a standard COM Port ...
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Price: $115.00

USB to CAN Adapter

Product Picture
USB to CAN Adapter
CAN USB is a very small dongle that plugs into any USB Port and gives an instant CAN bus USB interface to your PC. It can be treated by software as a standard COM Port ...
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Price: $115.00

Isolated CANUSB Board

Product Picture
CAN Interface Board with galvanic Isolation
CANUSB-ISO is a board-level unit, based on the CANUSB adapter from LAWICEL, so it offers all the features of the standard version - driver software, protocols and API are the same for both ver
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Price: $125.50

CAN USB Converter

Any CAN Bus system needs to have the ability to connect to a PC, for easier debugging apart from anything else. The easiest way to do this is using a CAN Bus USB interface that connects the CAN bus to USB on the computer. This Lawicel CANUSB interface does this as simply and cheaply as possible, although there is also a RS232 adapter for connecting to serial ports.

Both have a standard 9-pin D-Type connector for easy connection and come with PC software to examine messages on the bus. They also include drivers for all Windows OS and Linux. The USB connection can be treated as a standard serial port (with a Virtual COM port driver included) or you can use the free DLL package to write your own application. This package also includes an ActiveX controller for Visual Basic or you can use low level Ascii Commands for complete control. There are example programs in many languages including Visual Basic, C++ and Delphi to help you write your own software.

CAN USB, the USB CAN bus interface and CAN232, the serial port adapter, make your life easier by simplifying your PC connection at an affordable price. These are the cheapest USB CAN bus and RS232 CAN bus converters on the market. They conform to CAN IN Automation (CiA) specifications.

The interface draws its power from the USB bus so no power supply is needed and it supports all CAN bus formats, including 11 and 29-bit addresses. Bus speed is easily changed to match your system.

These products really are the best value USB CAN bus adapters available and allow you to get up and running really fast while giving you the ability to go on to design a system that suits your needs.


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