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Starter Kit Accessories

A range of accessories for use with starter kits, including LCD modules, data entry keypads and flash RAM chips,

Two Jumper Leads for Starter Kits

Product Picture
Two 10-way Jumper Leads
Set of 2 jumper leads for connecting pin headers on Kanda starter kits to external boards, with 10-way pin headers (5 x 2 format)...
Order Code
Price: $4.50

MICRO-X Sensor Pack

Product Picture
Sensor Pack for MICRO-X and STK200-X Microcontroller Kits
Complete sensor pack for MICRO-X and STK200-X kits. Comes with mounting pillars and 3 and 4 way connector leads...
Order Code
Price: $39.00

MICRO-X 4 x 3 Keypad

Product Picture
4x 3 Keypad for MICRO-X and STK200-X Microcontroller Kit
4 x 3 keypad (0..9, * and # keys) with 10 way connector. Supplied with 10-way ribbon cable for connection to port header
Order Code
Price: $14.50

MICRO-X Bluetooth UART Module

Product Picture
MICRO-X and STK200-X Bluetooth UART Module
Bluetooth serial port convertor that connects to serial port of the PIC microcontroller. The module appears as a UART on the AVR or PIC and standard UART code....
Order Code
Price: $12.99

7-segment display new kits

Product Picture
7-Segment Display for X Kits
7-segment display module for Kanda X kits, all PIC-MICRO-X, MICR-X and STK200-X kits. Replaces STK7SEG used on old kits
Order Code
Price: $11.00

Large MICRO-X Prototype Board

Product Picture
Large Prototyping Board for PIC-MICRO-X or STK200-X Kit
Large prototyping board with 4 mounting holes and 4 standoff pillars for mounting on the board. It has 2 power rails, pin headers and decoupling capacitors.
Order Code
Price: $4.50

Prototype board for MICRO-X

Product Picture
Small Prototype board
Prototyping board with mounting pillar and pin-header for easy connection to MICRO-X or STK200-X board. Separate ground and power rail fitted with decoupling capacitor...
Order Code
Price: $3.50

PIC MICRO-X Project Box

Product Picture

MICR0-X Microcontroller Project Box

Large rectangular ABS flame retardant, light Grey case with internal PCB mounts. Top and bottom recessed areas. All fixings supplied...
Order Code
Price: $7.75

Micro-X LCD Module

Product Picture
LCD Module for MICRO-X Kit
16 x 2 character LCD module with mounting holes, pillars and ribbon cable for connection to Kanda MICRO-X or STK200-X board.
Order Code
Price: $12.50


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