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Training and Books » PIC Training » MICRO-X-UNIT6

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PIC Training kit for Unit 6

Kanda - PIC Training kit to cover Unit 6, Microcontroller Systems for Engineers course requirements
  • Covers main Unit 6 Microcontroller Systems needs
  • Use PIC MPLAB X and XC8 Compiler
  • Includes all input/output devices required
  • Includes PICKit4 debugger and programmer
  • Does not include lesson plans, assignments etc.
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Price: $199.00
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PIC Microcontroller Kit to Cover Unit 6

Unit 6 covers BTec Microcontroller Systems for Engineers course requirements. This is the unit taught in colleges in UK and elsewhere to students who need to learn about microcontrollers.

This kit provides all the hardware and software needed to cover this course requirements, excluding components for individual student projects. It does not include detailed lesson plans, assignments or other specific teaching material.


    • Main board with PIC16F1789 Microcontroller, powered by USB
    • PICKit4 Debugger and Programmer
    • Training board with buzzer, LEDs, switches and ADC
    • All USB cables and connector leads are included
  • MICRO-X-LCD 16 x 2 LCD module
  • MICRO-X-KEY 4 x 3 Keypad
  • MICRO-X-7SEG 7-segment display
  • MICRO-X-PROTO2 Prototyping board
  • EE-02 32KB I2C EEPROM
  • MICRO-X-SENSOR Sensor pack with 13 sensors
These elements are modular and fit together to form a compact unit.

Training Materials and Software

  • Book on CD
  • Browser based tutorials cover major topics
  • Sample projects in assembler and C on all board features
  • MPLAB X and XC8 C compiler are available for free download
The kit does not contain teaching notes and lesson plans but does include everything needed for a competent person to develop them.

PICKit 4 Debugger and Programmer

This PIC kit has a genuine Microchip PICKit4 debugger and programmer. The PICKit3 can just download code to the PIC16F1789 or be used as an In Circuit Emulator (ICE) to let you debug your code in real time. A debugger is an essential tool for effective code development, in C or assembler.

PICKit4 can also be run from its own separate software, which makes it ideal for small scale production as you don't have to use MPLAB X for programming. The PICKit4 can power the target board, therefore no external power supply is required. The board can also be powered using the USB cable supplied.

Unit 6 Main Requirements

It covers
  • A : Microcontroller System Hardware
    • A1: Control Hardware
    • A2: Input Devices
    • A3: Output Devices
    • A4: Selecting hardware
    • A5 Assembling and operating a microcontroller system
  • B : Programming Techniques and Coding
    • B1 Programming techniques
    • B2 Coding constructs
    • B3 Structured program design
    • B4 Number systems
  • C System development cycle
    • C1 Development processes
    • C2 Documentation

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Ordering Information

Ordering Information Order Code: MICRO-X-UNIT6 Price: $199.00
Shipping to United States: Recorded airmail - $15.00 Fedex Express - $25.00


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