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Terminal Servers and Serial Device Servers

Single and multiple port Terminal Servers, or Ethernet converters, accessories etc for connecting serial devices to networks.

Terminal Servers

A terminal server lets you connect units with a serial port connection to an Ethernet network. The term is often interchangeable with serial device server or serial to Ethernet converter.

Single port terminal servers are straightforward and just connect one device to the Ethernet network. Typical applications for these converters are tills or EPS, card readers/programmers for hotel room keys or door access cards and barcode readers.

Kanda sell a range of Sena serial device servers with different features. The cheapest units are limited to 10Base-T Ethernet connections, do not have web based management and do not support encryption and SSL type security. However, they are excellent for simple applications where very high speed data, high levels of security or remote setup are not required.

More sophisticated units, like PS110, support SSL, RC4 or HTTPS security for data protection in more sensitive applications as well as being configurable over the web or via broadband using dynamic DNS. They can also be used to connect to RS422 and RS485 networks as well as normal RS232 interfaces. Top of the range Super series products, SS100, also support 3DES encryption and can be customised by the user. They include a card slot for data storage or a 802.11b Wireless LAN card for wireless connection instead of Ethernet. Separate WiFi versions of these products are also available.

Multiple-port serial device servers or Ethernet converters are more commonly called terminal servers. They can have up to 16 serial interfaces on one unit. If you wanted to connect multiple serial devices to your Ethernet network using single port converters, it would be expensive and each converter unit would need its own IP address. A terminal server has just one IP address and the individual serial devices are addressed by Port Numbers. This makes system management and software interfaces much easier.

There are also converters, in Application Specific category, that allow you to control UPS devices remotely or access ADC and digital I/O connections over the network or via an RS232 connection.

Whatever you operational requirements, we have a terminal server or converter that will meet your needs. If you need any advice, then please contact us.


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