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Debugging-Emulation » Logic Analysers » SIGMA2

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SIGMA USB Logic Analyzer

Kanda - SIGMA USB Logic Analyzer or Logic Analyser

SIGMA USB Logic Analyser
SIGMA is a powerful, fast (up to 200MHz), flexible, user-friendly and cost effective logic analyser (logic analyzer) with an extremely large event memory, real-time hardware compression and complex trigger...

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SIGMA USB Logic Analyser

SIGMA USB Logic Analyser is a powerful, fast (up to 200MHz), flexible, user-friendly and cost effective USB Logic Analyser with an extremely large event memory, real-time hardware compression and complex trigger logic. SIGMA also includes other debugging features such as protocol analysers and frequency measurement. SIGMA USB Logic Analyser operates on a USB port and requires no external power supply.

SIGMA USB Logic Analyser Main Features -

  • Extremely large event memory - 256 Megabit SDRAM with hardware compression to store over 14 Million samples
  • Fast and flexible sample options
  • Now with LINUX support (using WINE)
  • Up to 16 inputs
  • Flexible trigger options
  • "Logic probe" mode
  • LED indicators
  • Controlled and powered by USB
  • Advanced software including UART, SPI and I2C protocol analysers

Details - USB Logic Analyser

  • Extremely large event memory
    • 256 Megabit SDRAM memory is enhanced using real-time hardware compression which allows up to 14,680,064 samples to be stored or more than 45 minutes of records.
  • Flexible input/sample speed options
    • 16 inputs at 50 MHz
    • 8 inputs at 100 MHz
    • 4 inputs at 200 MHz
    • 16 inputs with sampling on change of an input signal (asynchronous clock) - trailing, falling or both edges, max. clock speed is 40 MHz at 1:1 duty
    • 15 inputs + 1 synchronous clock input (trailing or falling edge), max. clock speed is 49.9 MHz
  • Complex trigger logic
    Various trigger options with 16 inputs/50 MHz mode:
    • Any value or edge on any input condition
    • Defined duration of the condition ("longer than" and/or "shorter than")
    • Sequence of two different conditions
    • 16-bit counter - triggering after N-th occurence of the condition
    • Extensive condition definition using logic functions (N)AND,(N)OR,(N)XOR
    • In 8 inputs/100 MHz and 4 inputs/200 MHz modes, standard edge triggering
    • Trigger point can be placed anywhere in the recorded events
  • Advanced software
    • Protocol Analyzer for UART included
    • New Protocol Analyzers for SDRAM, I2C, and SPI included
    • Full-Speed and Low-Speed USB analyser can be purchased separately.
    • Ready for easy multi-language support (not applicable for plugins).
    • Waveforms can be saved and loaded to a file.
    • Waveforms can be exported to a text file for further processing.
    • Waveforms can be printed.
    • Flexible trace definition (any combination of input signals and constant logic levels) and trace representation (signals, buses - binary, octal, decimal, hexadecimal, ASCII). Input signal can be used in more than one trace.
    • Flexible control using mouse and keyboard
    • PC requirements: Windows 98 and higher (XP recommended), Pentium 750MHz or faster CPU, at least 256 MB RAM.
  • Easy to Use
    • The USB Logic Analyser simply connects to any PC USB port
    • USB Logic Analyser is powered by USB bus, so no power supply is needed
    • USB Logic Analyser probe mode - SIGMA displays momentary logic levels on all 16 inputs.
    • The USB Logic Analyser has LED indicators for instant status checking.
    • USB Logic Analyser is fast, with less than 1 second delay for any selected view. (Full data download takes about 90 seconds).
    • Input threshold level is suitable for TTL, LVTTL and 2.7 to 5.5V CMOS levels
    • Flexible design based on Xilinx FPGAs allow software upgrades to enhance SIGMA functionality e.g. frequency, period and duty cycle measurement
    • Small, lightweight and compact.


  • SIGMA USB Logic Analyser
  • Target cables
    • Flying wires
    • 20-pin header (16 channels)
    • 10-pin header (8 and 4 channels)
  • USB cable (A-B)
  • Software (CD-ROM)
  • User Manual

Sigma Software

Download Sigma Software (3MB)



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Ordering Information

Ordering Information Order Code: SIGMA2 Price: $220.00
Shipping to United States: Recorded airmail - $15.00 Fedex Express - $25.00


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