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Starter Kits » Arduino » W-WIFI-SHIELD

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Arduino WiFi Shield

Kanda - Arduino EMW3162 WiFi Shield
  • Features low power  EMW3162 WiFi module.
  • Simple Internet connectivity
  • USB interface for debugging and firmware update
  • Supports Smart phone EasyLink fast matching
  • Schematics, software and documentation
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Price: $19.99
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Arduino WiFi Shield

The EMW3162 WIFI Shield consists of a base board with a EMW3162 WiFi module. This allows you to connect your Arduino/Nucleo board to the Internet or Ethernet network. The EMW3162 WIFI Shield, makes WiFi communication really easy for devices that feature Arduino connectivity.

The EMW3162 WiFi module has these important features
  • As easy to use as a serial module using the included serial transparent transmission firmware
  • High stability, high reliability, hardly ever goes down
  • Ultra low power consumption, online standby only 7mA

Base Board Features

  • Compatible with Arduino interface, use UART only
  • Works as an Arduino WiFi Shield, connects to Arduino boards like : UNO, Leonardo, Nucleo, Xnucleo, etc.
  • Works as an Arduino WiFi board, allows connection to Arduino shields
  • Onboard USB to UART converter FT230XS, for UART debugging and/or firmware updating
  • Onboard WiFi TX/RX LEDs, indicating WiFi communication status
  • Supports EasyLink fast matching (instant networking by pushing the SSID and password of the wireless router via smart phone APP)
  • Supports one-key recovery to factory setting (no need to flash the firmware for configuration errors)
  • Flexible boot mode configuration
  • 500mA fast self-recovery fuse, stable and safe

Arduino EMW3162 WiFi Shield picture

  1. Arduino interface : for connecting to Arduino boards and/or Arduino shields
  2. EMW3162 connector : for connecting the WiFi module EMW3162
  3. EMW3162 extended pin headers : access to the commonly used pins of EMW3162
  4. SWD interface : for programming and debugging
  5. USB TO UART interface : for UART debugging and/or firmware updating
  6. FT230XS : onboard USB to UART converter
  7. RT9193-33 : onboard 3.3V regulator
  8. Fuse : 500mA fast self-recovery fuse
  9. BOOT switch
    • turn to H, the BOOT pin will be connected to 3.3V
    • turn to L, the BOOT pin will be connected to GND
  10. STATUS switch
    • turn to H, the STATUS pin will be connected to 3.3V
    • turn to L, the STATUS pin will be connected to GND
  11. WiFi indicator : LEDs for indicating the WiFi communication status
  12. WPS key
    • press the key, the EMW3162 will start WPS matching
    • press the key and hold it for 5 seconds, the EMW3162 will recover to factory setting
  13. EASYLINK key
    • press the key, the EMW3162 will start EasyLink matching
  14. RESET key
  15. Power indicator
  16. WiFi serial port configuration jumpers
    • connect the WFRX to FTTX, WFTX to FTRX respectively, you can communicate with the EMW3162 through USB TO UART interface
    • connect the WFRX to TX, WFTX to RX respectively, you can communicate with the EMW3162 through Arduino interface


Development resources: demo codes, schematic, datasheets, etc.

Arduino EMW3162 WiFi Shield

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Ordering Information

Ordering Information Order Code: W-WIFI-SHIELD Price: $19.99
Shipping to United States: Recorded airmail - $15.00 Fedex Express - $25.00

No Replacement

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