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Kanda - AVR JTAG ICE MkII Emulator for all AVR microntrollers

AVR JTAG ICE Emulator for all AVR microntrollers
New AVR Emulator that is compatible with Atmel's AVR JTAGICE MkII, Type B. Like AVR JTAGICE MkII, it interfaces with Atmel Studio development environment and AVRDude programming...

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AVR JTAG ICE II Emulator for all AVR microntrollers

AVR Emulator that is compatible with Atmel's discontinued AVR JTAGICE MkII, except it does not support PDI on Xmega and has some minor power-on differences. Like AVR JTAGICE MkII, it interfaces with Atmel Studio development environment and AVRDude programming software to give full source level debugging on your own hardware, in real time.

Main Features of AVR JTAGICE II

  • Compatible with AVR JTAGICE mkII, Type B except it does not support PDI on Xmega devices. There are also some minor power-on differences.
  • Operates from Atmel Studio software and AVRDUDE
  • Allows emulation of all AVR microcontrollers with a JTAG or debugWire interface
  • Allows programming of all AVR microcontrollers supported by AVRDude software
  • Allows debugging of code written both in Assembler and C language
  • Connection to PC through USB port or RS232
  • Supports software upgrade from AVRStudio for new device support
  • Three built-in LED indicators show operation
  • Standard 10-pin connector to the target circuit in Atmel format, plus other connectors
  • Power can be taken from USB, or from external power supply
  • Supported by Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7/8/10 (32 and 64-bit)

AVR Microcontroller Support

  • AT90CAN - AVR with on-chip CAN : AVR microcontroller with on-chip CAN
  • ATmega AVR32 - 32-bit AVR Microcontroller Family
  • ATmega AVR - AVR 8-bit Microcontroller Family
  • ATtiny AVR - Small pin count AVR Microcontroller Family
  • ATxMega devices - JTAG only, not PDI
Unlike JTAGICE, this emulator is fully supported by Atmel Studio and can be upgraded from Atmel Studio for new AVR microcontroller support.

Differences between JTAGICE and JTAGAVR-II

    1. Very low cost
    2. Limited device support
    3. JTAG only
    4. Includes adapters for STK200
    5. USB Port only
    6. Firmware upgrade via AVRStudio
    1. JTAG and DebugWire
    2. AVR, AVR32 and Xmega
    3. USB and COM Port
    4. New device support via Atmel Studio


Atmel Studio is the free development environment from Atmel, and is one of the best in the world. It includes an assembler and a C compiler, and the JTAGICE mkII can be used from either. It supports breakpoints, single step and run.

The emulator can be used with all the more recent AVR ATmega and ATtiny devices that have either a JTAG interface or the single wire debugInterface. The new AVR32 family is also supported by this flexible tool, using AVR32 Studio. As it is compatible with Atmel's AVR JTAGICE MkII, then new AVR devices can be supported by upgrading the firmware through Atmel Studio.


  • AVR JTAGICE II emulator
  • Cable terminated with IDC 10 plugs for connection of the emulator to the target circuit
  • USB cable for connection of the emulator with a PC
  • Cables for 6-pin ISP, 10-pin ISP and JTAG without Reset signal
  • CD with documentation and software

Using this tool with STK200 and STK300 AVR boards

STK300 AVR board
  • JTAG, connect to JTAG header on board
  • DebugWire, see note below
STK200 AVR Board
  • JTAG - you will need adapters to connect to port pins
  • DebugWire - see note
AVR DebugWire
Older STK200 and STK300 boards need a small modification to operate with DebugWire (replace diode D1 with wire link) but please contact support for full information.

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Ordering Information

Ordering Information Order Code: JTAGAVR-II Price: $145.99
Shipping to United States: Recorded airmail - $15.00 Fedex Express - $29.00


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