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Training and Books » Target-Evaluation Boards » SIMPLE-PIC-BOARD

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PIC16F1789 PIC Board

Kanda - Low cost PIC Board with LEDS, switches, buzzer, and PICKit 4 connector
  • Low cost PIC board
  • Fitted with PIC16F1789
  • LEDS, switches, buzzer, USB serial port, I2C EEPROM etc.
  • Port headers allow MICRO-X accessories to be connected
  • Keypads, LCD, 7-segment, prototype boards and more
  • PIC ICSP connector for PIC KIT 4, SNAP
Shipping to United States
Recorded Airmail: $15.00
Fedex Express: $25.00
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Price: $29.00
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PIC Training Board

This PIC board is compact and comes with a 44-pin PIC16F1789 fitted - see below for all the advantages of this chip. The PIC microcontroller runs from default 500KHz Internal Clock but this can easily be changed to faster speeds, up to 8 MHz or 32MHz with PLL.

It has expansion headers for all the port pins and accessories can be easily attached. It has a USB connector that appears as a virtual serial port on your PC unlike most microcontroller boards that are still fitted with a standard 9-pin serial port. The PIC board is powered through this USB connector.

It has 24C I2C serial EEPROM fitted, temperature sensor, buzzer plus 8 LEDs and 8 switches.

Extra modules, sensors, keypad, LCD and prototyping boards come with mounting pillars and leads and can easily be fitted to this PIC board, see accessories below.

It has standard Microchip connector for PIC ICSP, so PIC tools, like PIC Kit 4 and SNAP programmer and debugger, just connect to it for programming the PIC16F1789 microcontroller.

PIC16F1789 Features

  • Enhanced Mid-Range Core with 49 Instruction, 16 Stack Levels
  • 32KB Flash Program Memory with self read/write capability
  • 256 Bytes of EEPROM
  • Internal 32MHz oscillator
  • 4 x PSMC (Programmable Switch Mode Controller)- Dedicated 16bit PWM- Digital and/or analog feedback control of PWM frequency- Dead-band control / auto-shutdown & restart
  • 4 x Fast Comparators with selectable Voltage Reference
  • 3 x Operation Amplifiers (rail-to-rail in and out)
  • 14 x 12-bit ADC with Voltage Reference
  • 8-bit DAC
  • 3 x 5-bit DAC
  • MI2C / SPI / EUSART w/auto baud
  • 3 x Compare-Capture-PWM
  • Two 8-bit Timers (TMR0/TMR2)
  • One 16-bit Timer (TMR1)
  • Extended Watchdog Timer (EWDT)
  • Wide Operating Voltage Range:- 2.3V to 5.5V
  • 25mA Source/Sink current I/O
  • Enhanced Power-On/Off-Reset
  • Brown-Out Reset (BOR)
  • In Circuit Serial Programming (ICSP)

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Ordering Information

Ordering Information Order Code: SIMPLE-PIC-BOARD Price: $29.00
Shipping to United States: Recorded airmail - $15.00 Fedex Express - $25.00


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