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All the Electronic Tools You Need

Programmers, Chips, Development Kits,

Bluetooth Wireless Modules

and more with great technical support.

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"You great support helped me choose the right programmer"

I was surprised how fast delivery was, thank you"

"Thank you, you have made this an enjoyable project to work on"

Why Buy From Kanda?

  • World Wide Shipping
  • Technical Support
  • ISP Experts
  • Only the Best Brands
  • Simple Returns Policy
  • 1 Year Guarantees
  • Secure Easy Payment

New Product

8-Way AVR Handheld Programmer

8-way AVR Handheld Programmer picture

Portable, standalone AVR programmer with 8 program choices and one button operation

handheld programmer picure
ISP programmers - PIC ICSP, AVr isp, st7 isp
Starter kits including PIC Kit, AVR Board, STK200, STK300
sena sd1000 bluetooth serial adapter
Wellon universal programmers
xeltek SP6000 universal programmer
Kanda keyfob programmer
Lawicel CANUSB adapter
QuickUSB QUSB2 Module
USB AVR Portable Programmer USB AVR Portable Programmer AVR Portable Programmer

Stores 32 programs, uses JTAG or ISP, easy to use

Here at, we supply the best tools for electronic engineers and trainers. These include AVR ISP, AVR Dragon, CANUSB, handheld programmers, portable programmers, ZigBee and Bluetooth wireless adapters, serial device servers, AVR and PIC microcontrollers and much more

Kanda is known all over the world and we have customers in most countries, who will confirm that we provide a fast, cost effective and reliable online shopping service. Good products, fast delivery and excellent technical support means that most customers become repeat clients, as we make sure you're happy when you shop with us.

Our tools are reliable and long lasting and our customers still have equipment working after 15 years of service - that's quality. Kanda also carry out custom design and modification for our clients to give you the product you need.

Our main product ranges are programmers, training kits, device servers, wireless adapters and chips and modules.


  • AVR programmer
  • PIC programmer
  • Handheld programmer
  • Universal Programmer
  • Portable programmer
  • Atmel CPLD programmer
  • COP8 programmer
  • ST7 programmer

Training Kits

  • AVR Dragon
  • PLD Trainer
  • PIC Trainer
  • AVR boards
  • AVR Development

Device Servers, Wireless and More

  • Serial Device Server
  • Terminal Server
  • Bluetooth Wireless adapters
  • Bluetooth Serial adapters
  • Serial Ethernet Converters
  • ZigBee Wireless adapters
  • CANUSB CAN adapters
  • Quick USB Modules

Kanda manufacturer our own brand of programmers for PIC, AVR, ST7 and COP8 programmers plus a range of training starter kits for PIC and AVR. We also supply products from selected manufacturers such as Sena, Xeltek, Wellon, Lawicel and QuickUSB to complement our own products.

What ever your budget, or whatever you are looking for, make Kanda your first choice for everything from AVR Development Kits, AVR Dragon, AVR ISP, smart card programmers, Zigbee Wireless Modules, AVR Programmers, PIC Programmer, Universal Programmers, Serial Terminal Servers and CANUSB equipment.

If you have any questions or need advise on how to do your particular job or the best tools for the task, then please contact us for friendly efficient technical support. All our products have 12 months warranty and we will help fix any issues you may encounter. Kanda, you can rely on us

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