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PC Interfaces » Bluetooth Wireless » PARANI-SD1000-00

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SD1000-00 Serial to Bluetooth Converter

Kanda - SD1000-00 Serial to Bluetooth Converter RS232 Bluetooth with battery options
  • Provides transparent RS232 serial cable replacement
  • Open field working distance: 100 metres, up to 1000m using patch antenna
  • Up to 4 multiple connections
  • Works with Sena BTerm App for Andoid smart phones
  • Easy-To-Use Windows configuration tool and pairing buttons
  • DC and USB power leads but no power supply unit
Shipping to United States
Recorded Airmail: $15.00
Fedex Express: $29.00
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Price: $121.00
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Parani SD1000-00 Serial to Bluetooth Converter

It is the latest generation of Bluetooth adapters, using Bluetooth v2.0 + EDR. This BLUETOOTH v2.0 TO RS232 Adapter comes with USB and DC power leads but does not have a power supply included. It can be fitted with optional battery packs. It is a long range class 1 Bluetooth device with high data speed plus a number of antenna options for even longer ranges, over 1Km.

Ideal for connecting one or more serial port products to PC using serial port or USB port, see Overview of Bluetooth Wireless Solutions

Parani SD1000-00 Features - BLUETOOTH v2.0 TO RS232 Adapter
  • BLUETOOTH v2.0 TO RS232 Adapter - Specification v2.0 + EDR
  • Provides transparent RS232 serial cable replacement
  • Basic Transmit Power : Max. +18dBm, EDR Transmit Power : Max. +6dBm
  • Receiving Sensitivity : -88dBm(0.1%BER)
  • Supports Bluetooth profiles SPP(Serial Port Profile)
  • Inter-operability with PDA, laptops etc.
  • Supports firmware upgrade via windows-based software(ParaniUpdater)
  • Working distance ( In an open field ) : Nom. 100 meters, up to 1000m using patch antenna
  • Enhanced portability : standard & extended battery pack options
  • Easy to use Windows configuration tool available.
  • No external drivers required for the BLUETOOTH v2.0 TO RS232 Adapter
  • Pairing button to lock to units together
  • No power supply in this version
  • Works with Sena BTerm App for Android Smart Phones

PARANI-SD1000-00 Kit Contents

  • SD1000 : SD1000 Bluetooth-serial adapter
  • DPA-G01 : Parani-DPA DC power cable for SD series
  • UPA-G01 : Parani-UPA USB Power Cable
  • SAT-G01R : 1 dBi Stub Antenna - RP-SMA Plug Right-hand Thread
  • FM9GD-G01 : DB9 Female to Male Gender Change
  • CD-ROM

For version with wall transformer/external Power Supply, please see PARANI-SD1000

Serial to Bluetooth Converter Specification

Serial Interface Serial speed up to 921.6kbps
CTS/RTS flow control, DTR/DSR for loop-back & full transfer
Bluetooth Interface Bluetooth v2.0 + EDR
Class 1
Profiles - SPP

Working distance (in open field)
100 meters
150 meters
200 meters
300 meters
500 meters
400 meters
600 meters
1,000 meters

SAT-G01R : +1dBi Stub Antenna
DAT-G01R : +3dBi Dipole Antenna
DAT5-G01R : +5dBi Dipole Antenna
PAT-G01R : +9dBi Patch Antenna
Max. Tx power +18dBm
Antenna gain Stub : +1dBi, Dipole : +3dBi, Dipole : +5dBi, Patch : +9dBi
Configuration ParaniWin, ParaniUpdater
Modem AT command set
Diagnostic LED - BT Status (mode)
- Connect
- RS232-RX/TX
- Charging/Done (Battery Charging/ Battery Charging completed)
- Low Battery
Power Power input : 5~12VDC
Power Consumption : Minimum 2mA, Maximum 80mA
Environmental Operating temperature: -20'C to 70'C
Storage temperature: -40'C to 85'C
Humidity: 90% Non-condensing
Physical properties Dimension(LxWxH):
76 x 31 x 16 (mm) (No battery pack)
76 x 31 x 19.5 (mm) (with standard battery pack)
76 x 31 x 31.4 (mm) (with extended battery pack)
24 g (No battery pack)
30 g (with standard battery pack)
42 g (with extended battery pack)
Battery Capacity 240 mAh(standard)
900 mAh(extended)
Charging Power minium 5V/200mA
Charging Time Approximately 2 hours (Standard)
Approximately 5 hours (extended)
Battery Life Test based on 9600 bps data loopback. Actual battery life varies by configuration, operating conditions and other factors
- Approximately 4.5 hours (standard)
- Approximately 16.5 hours (extended)
Warranty 3-year Limited Warranty

A Power Supply unit or wall transformer is available for the PARANI-SD1000 as well as standard and Extended battery options

PARANI-SD1000 User Manual (new window)

Overview of Bluetooth Wireless Solutions



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Ordering Information

Ordering Information Order Code: PARANI-SD1000-00 Price: $121.00
Shipping to United States: Recorded airmail - $15.00 Fedex Express - $29.00

No Replacement

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