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PC Interfaces » USB Interfaces » W-USB232-485

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USB to RS232, TTL and RS485 Converter

Kanda - Waveshare USB to RS232, TTL and RS485 Converter
  • USB to RS232, RS485 and TTL
  • Fully isolated for industrial use
  • Supplied in aluminium case
  • Muliple interfaces can be used together
  • Fast, stable and reliable communications
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Recorded Airmail: $15.00
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Price: $22.99
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Industrial USB to RS232, RS485 and TTL Converter

This is an industrial USB to RS232/485/TTL isolated converter. It has embedded protection circuits such as power isolation, ADI magnetic isolation, and TVS diode, etc. What's more, the USB TO RS232/485/TTL has an aluminium alloy enclosure, making it solid and durable for industrial applications.

The USB TO RS232/485/TTL is very easy to use, fully automatic with no delay on transceiving. Due to its fast communication, stability, reliability, and safety, it is an ideal choice for industrial control equipment and/or applications with high communication requirements.

>h2>Main Features
  • Uses FT232RL USB chip, fast communicating, stable and reliable, with wide compatibility
  • Onboard uni-body power supply isolation, provides stable isolated voltage, no extra power supply required for the isolated terminal
  • Onboard uni-body magnetical isolation, allows signal isolation, high reliability, strong anti-interference and low power consumption
  • Onboard TVS (Transient Voltage Suppressor), effectively suppress surge voltage and transient spike voltage in the circuit, lightning-proof & anti-electrostatic
  • Onboard self-recovery fuse and protection diodes, ensures stable current/voltage outputs, provides over-current/over-voltage protection and improves shock resistance
  • Fully automatic transceiver circuit with no delay, ensures the USB port communicates with different interfaces fast and stabily, without interfering each other
  • Onboard TTL serial 3.3V/5V voltage translator, configures the TTL level via switch
  • Aluminium alloy enclosure with sand blasting and anodic oxidation, CNC process opening, solid and durable
  • 3 LEDs indicating the power and transceiver status
  • High quality USB-B and RS232 connectors smoothly plug/pull


  • Product type: industrial optically isolated converter
  • Baudrate: 300-921600bps
  • Host port: USB
  • Device port:  RS485/RS232/TTL
  • USB:
    • Operating voltage: 5V
    • Connector: USB-B
    • Protection: 200mA self-recovery fuse, isolated output
    • Transmission distance: ~5m
  • RS485:
    • Connector: screw terminal
    • Pins: A+, B-, GND
    • Direction control: hardware automatic control
    • Protection: 600W lightning-proof and surge-suppress, 15KV ESD protection (reserved 120R balancing resistor solder pads)
    • Transmission distance: ~1200m
    • Transmission mode: point-to-multipoints (up to 32 nodes, it is recommended to use repeaters for 16 nodes or more)
  • RS232:
    • Connector: DR9 male
    • Protection: TVS diode, surge protection, ESD protection
    • Transmission distance: ~15m
    • Transmission mode: point-to-point
  • TTL (UART):
    • Operating voltage: 3.3V/5V
    • Connector: screw terminal
    • Pins: TXD, RXD, GND
    • Protection: clamp protection diode, over-voltage/negative-voltage proof, shock resistance
    • Transmission mode: point-to-point
  • LED indicators:
    • PWR: red power indicator, light up when there is USB connection and voltage is detected
    • TXD: green TX indicator, light up when the USB port sends data
    • RXD: blue RX indicator, light up when the device ports send data back
  • Operating environment:
    • Temperature: -15℃ ~ 70℃
    • Humidity: 5%RH ~ 95%RH
  • Operating system: Windows 10 / 8.1 / 8 / 7 / XP


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Ordering Information

Ordering Information Order Code: W-USB232-485 Price: $22.99
Shipping to United States: Recorded airmail - $15.00 Fedex Express - $25.00


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