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Programmers-Burners » Hand Held Programmers » PIC Handheld Programmers » PIC-HH0120P

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Parallel Port Handheld PIC Programmer

 Parallel Port Handheld PIC Programmer

Individual Hand Held PIC Programmer for PIC Microcontrollers
Parallel Port version has been replaced by USB version. Existing parallel port programmers can easily be converted to USB...

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Recorded Airmail: $15.00
Fedex Express: $19.00
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Price: $149.00

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Hand Held PIC Programmer for PIC Microcontrollers

Parallel Port version has been replaced by USB version. Existing parallel port programmers can easily be converted to USB so can continue to be used with USB PC dongle.

USB dongle is available separately, see related products above.

Existing users: LPT handheld programmers can be updated to USB by connecting them to USB loader, see Handheld Programmer USB Loader

HandHeld Field and Production PIC Programmer for PIC microcontrollers, with 256 KB of memory, loaded by LPT Port. Just load the Handheld PIC Programmer from a PC using the Hand Held PIC Programmer LPT Starter Kit. Now you just plug it into your target board and program and verify Code, Data, User ID and Configuration Bytes with a single button press. It can power your target PIC microcontroller using internal battery or 9V external Power supply.
This Handheld PIC Programmer is ideal for non-technical operatives as no mistakes can be made - just press the button and the correct code MUST be loaded. You can set it to program the whole PIC microcontroller or just the Data memory (PIC16F only). It supports PIC16F and PIC18F microcontrollers.
Now supports PIC18FxxJxx devices
This Handheld PIC Programmer has LPT port firmware loaded. If used with USB PC interface, the software will ask to carry out a firmware update. Just agree and it will convert to a USB port firmware version.

Handheld PIC Programmer Features

  • Hand-held PIC Programmer uses 9V PP3 battery or power supply
  • Single button operation
  • Load it once, program targets for ever
  • Reload new programs as often as you need
  • Holds program code indefinitely
  • Low or High Voltage programming
  • 10-way DIL and 6 x 1-way flying lead connectors included
  • Program/Verify Flash or EEPROM or both
  • Programs and Verifies Configuration words
  • Existing EEPROM data can be preserved
  • Powers target PIC device (up to 150mA) at 5V regardless of target voltage (so that Bulk Erase command always works)or can be powered from target
  • Dimensions: Metric- 106mm x 58mm x 25mm
  • Dimensions: Imperial - 4.5 x 2.5 x 1 inches
  • 256KB memory
  • Loaded by Parallel Port

PIC Microcontroller Support

All released PIC18F microcontrollers including PIC18FxJx. Updates available for new device support.

PIC16F Microcontrollers
  • PIC16F627
  • PIC16F628
  • PIC16F627A, PIC16F628A, PIC16F648A (HVP mode programming only if Reset pin is not reprogrammed as I/O)
  • PIC16F631, PIC16F636, PIC16F639
  • PIC16F677
  • PIC16F68x, PIC16F690
  • PIC16F7x
  • PIC16F7x7
  • PIC16F785
  • PIC16F818
  • PIC16F819
  • PIC16F8x
  • PIC16F8xA
  • PIC16F87x
  • PIC16F873A
  • PIC16F874A
  • PIC16F876A
  • PIC16F877A
  • PIC16F88x
  • PIC16F91x
Note: Not all devices have LVP mode Not supported
  • PIC16F630
  • PIC16F676
  • PIC16F5x - will be supported
  • PIC16F505

You will need a Starter Kit to load this Parallel Port Handheld PIC Programmer. One Starter Kit will allow you to load as many programmers as you want. The Starter kit comes complete with one PIC Handheld Programmer and is on Special Offer.
Handheld PIC Programmer LPT Starter Kit

If you do not want to use the internal 9V PP3 battery, the power supply required is 9V with a 2.1mm Barrel connector. These are available on the shop.
9V International Power supply for use with this PIC programmer.
For an overview of our PIC Programmer range, please see PIC Programmer Overview in new window

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Ordering Information

Ordering Information Order Code: PIC-HH0120P Price: $149.00
Shipping to United States: Recorded airmail - $15.00 Fedex Express - $19.00


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