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RGB Colour Detector

Kanda - Waveshare RGB Colour sensor for Arduino and other microcontrollers

RGB Colour Sensor
Detector for RGB colour of objects. Can be used with Arduino boards or any other microcontroller board using supplied cables...

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RGB Colour Sensor

Detector for RGB colour of objects.
  • Sensor Chip: TCS3200 (RGB color detector)
  • Detects static colour, the output is a square wave with frequency directly proportional to incident light intensity
  • Supports fill-light using onboard LEDs


  • Power: 2.7V ~ 5.5V
  • Ideal detection distance: 10mm
  • Dimension: 36.0mm * 20.6mm
  • Mounting holes size: 2.0mm


  • Sorting by colour
  • Ambient light sensing and calibration
  • Test strip reading
  • Color matching

How to Use the Sensor

To work with a microcontroller:

  • VCC ↔ 2.7V ~ 5.5V
  • GND ↔ power supply ground
  • LED ↔ MCU.IO (controlling the 4 white LEDs)
  • OUT ↔ MCU.IO (RGB colour output frequency)
  • S0/S1 ↔ MCU.IO (Output frequency scaling selection inputs)
  • S2/S3 ↔ MCU.IO (Photodiode type selection inputs)

S0/S1 selects the output frequency scaling factor, S2/S3 selects the colour filter as red, green, blue, then OUT outputs a square wave with frequency proportional to the selected colour intensity. The detected colour can be determined by the ratio of the intensity of red, green and blue.


  • Avoid environment light noise
  • White balance is required the first time the module is used, on module reset or on changing the light source


  • Colour Sensor Module
  • 4-pin connector leads x 2

Development Resources

Code Demos, schematic, datasheets, etc.



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Ordering Information

Ordering Information Order Code: COLOUR-SENSOR Price: $4.99
Shipping to United States: Recorded airmail - $15.00 Fedex Express - $25.00


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